Britney's Musical Enchantment: 'Once Upon A One More Time' Woos Broadway

Britney Spears' hits sparkle in Broadway's latest fairy tale mash-up.

by Nouman Rasool
Britney's Musical Enchantment: 'Once Upon A One More Time' Woos Broadway

With a brilliant blaze of high energy, nostalgia, and laughter, Broadway welcomes its newest spectacle, 'Once Upon A One More Time.' This intoxicatingly creative musical, filled with the biggest hits from pop sensation Britney Spears, weaves a captivating tale of revitalized fairy tales, delivering a profoundly unexpected and utterly delightful twist to the age-old 'happily ever after.'

Madrids' Magic Elevates Broadway Spectacle

Steered by the artistic prowess of director and choreography duo Keone and Mari Madrid, alongside book writer Jon Hartmere, this mesmerizing Broadway production is a technicolor masterpiece.

Packed with brilliant performances that seem to materialize directly from the magical heart of Broadway, the ensemble cast features not only beautiful princesses and charming princes but also the unexpected talent of Justin Guarini, a familiar face from American Idol, taking a grand leap into Broadway stardom.

Although the iconic Ms. Spears doesn't grace the stage nor is referenced directly in the show, her undeniable spirit and unwavering tenacity resonate throughout the performance. As detailed in the production notes, the musical catalog, "fully authorized and licensed by Britney post-conservatorship," showers the stage, leaving the audience with a gift they never knew they desired.

The distinctive touch of the Brooklyn-based artist Daniel Wurtzel can be seen in the enchanting "air sculpture" glitter bombs and luminescent fireflies sprinkling fairy dust over the show. The premise of 'Once Upon A One More Time' follows the conventions Broadway audiences know and love.

A colorful ensemble of fairy tale favorites, including Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, the Princess with the Pea, the Little Mermaid, and more, could quickly populate multiple productions of 'Into The Woods.'

Yet, the narrative carries an empowering 'sisters-are-doing-it-for-themselves' spirit, reminiscent of 'Six' and 'Wicked.' In essence, 'Once Upon A One More Time' pays tribute to the Brothers Grimm, the trailblazers of the Second Wave, and of course, the indomitable Britney Spears, while achieving an enchanting balance of clever humor, visual splendor, and an infectious beat.

The musical manages to effortlessly combine the well-loved staples of fairy tale narratives with the charismatic appeal of pop music, creating a truly memorable Broadway experience.

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