Exclusive: Lewis Brice's 'Product Of' Music Video, feat. Brother Lee, Takes Fans Home


Exclusive: Lewis Brice's 'Product Of' Music Video, feat. Brother Lee, Takes Fans Home

Lewis Brice Unveils Intimate Family Portraits in 'Product Of' Music Video Country singer Lewis Brice has released a heartfelt music video for his latest single, "Product Of," offering fans an intimate glimpse into his life and upbringing.

The video, which features a cameo by his brother Lee, accompanies the title track of Lewis' upcoming album set to release on July 28. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Lewis shares his motivation behind choosing "Product Of" as the album's centerpiece, explaining how each song on the record represents a unique story and moment from his life.

With deep-rooted authenticity, the album captures Lewis' journey from humble beginnings to where he stands today. The music video unfolds in Sumter, South Carolina, Lewis' hometown, immediately immersing viewers in the Brice family's world.

Against a backdrop of tree-lined roads and open fields, the opening scene showcases Lewis navigating an empty highway in his striking white truck. Emphasizing the importance of capturing their origins, Lewis explains, "'Product Of' was the only way we'd be able to hit home what and where my brother and I come from, what we're a 'product of.'


Sentimental Reunion and Musical Serenade

The camera pans to a wedding photograph of their parents while Lewis warmly speaks to his mother over the phone, expressing his anticipation to see her. As the melodic strains of "Product Of" fill the air, the video transitions to Lewis standing amidst a field, strumming his guitar amidst a cloud of dust.

Moments later, he finds himself in an empty chapel, guitar in hand, before driving up to his childhood home, rolling down his windows. In a heartfelt reunion, Lewis greets his father in the garage as the lyrics, "I'm a product of a man/Tames electric with his hands/Tossed me my first football pass," play in the background.

He then embraces his mother, juggling a warm hug with his guitar while they reminisce over pictures from his childhood. Lewis expresses his gratitude for including his parents in the video, remarking, "Having my parents be a part of the video for 'Product Of' was so special!" Throughout the chorus, viewers are welcomed into the Brice family living room, where Lewis serenades his parents with a heartfelt song that tells the story of their love.

The lyrics vividly depict their journey, from a chance encounter in a homeroom class to sharing dreams of forever. The video culminates with Lewis bidding farewell to his parents before turning viewers' attention to his brother Lee, who has played an instrumental role in shaping Lewis' identity.

In a touching moment, Lewis invites Lee to sing the song with him, and Lee enthusiastically agrees. Speaking to PEOPLE, Lee Brice reveals how deeply he connects with the theme and expresses pride in contributing to a project that hits close to home.

The video showcases the brothers sharing the spotlight, seamlessly intercutting scenes of their energetic live performances, recording sessions, and nostalgic glimpses of their upbringing. The contrasting images emphasize their evolution from small-town beginnings to successful musicians.

The song's final verse pays tribute to their hardworking, God-fearing parents, capturing the essence of their upbringing in vivid detail. As the video concludes, Lewis and Lee wrap their arms around each other, basking in the adoration of their hometown crowd.

Meanwhile, their father, visibly moved by the lyrics he had known long before they were penned, drives home with a cherished photograph of the two brothers displayed prominently on the dashboard. Lewis Brice's "Product Of" music video masterfully intertwines personal storytelling with heartfelt performances, offering fans an intimate glimpse into the Brice family's journey. The video's raw authenticity and relatable lyrics serve as a testament.