Orville Peck, Gay Country Star, Delays Tour for Health Reasons


Orville Peck, Gay Country Star, Delays Tour for Health Reasons

Gay country star Orville Peck has garnered widespread praise for prioritizing his mental and physical well-being by postponing his US tour shortly after its commencement. As a staunch LGBTQ+ advocate, Orville Peck has amassed a devoted queer following within the traditionally conservative country music genre.

Amongst prominent figures such as Lil Nas X, Patrick Haggerty, Cameron Hawthorn, Maren Morris, and Dolly Parton, Peck stands as one of several country artists actively fostering representation by wholeheartedly supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fearlessly embracing his own queer identity.

In a recent endeavor to diversify country music, the singer behind the hit "Dead of Night," renowned for his distinctive fringe mask, appeared as a talent scout in the Apple TV+ reality series "My Kind of Country." The show features aspiring artists competing to become the next global country-pop sensation.

Orville Peck Puts Health First, Postpones US Tour

While continuously championing LGBTQ+ individuals, this South African artist, whose latest country album, "Bronco," was released in 2022, is now taking the opportunity to prioritize his well-being by postponing his US tour and focusing on his "current mental and physical health." Peck shared a heartfelt message with his 600,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday (21 June), expressing his heartbreak over the decision.

He stated, "I am completely heartbroken as I share this news, but I have made the tough decision to postpone all of my upcoming shows effective immediately." The artist acknowledged that this was one of the most complicated choices he has ever made but recognized that his current mental and physical health would not permit him to deliver his best performances.

Peck holds his fans in high regard and expressed immense gratitude to everyone who purchased tickets to see him play. He conveyed his love and thanked them sincerely. While being on stage is his favorite thing in the world, he acknowledged the need to replenish his mind and body during this time to return stronger and healthier, enabling him to continue pursuing what he loves for years to come.

He expressed hope for understanding from his fans and signed off with a promise to return soon. The tour commenced at Madison Square Garden in New York on Tuesday (20 June), leaving fans thrilled, with many proclaiming it the "best concert" of their lives.

Peck had planned to travel across the US Midwest before concluding the tour on 10 August in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fellow musicians, celebrities, and fans have flooded the comments section to commend the 35-year-old country singer's decision to prioritize his mental health.

Influencer Dylan Mulvaney expressed love and support, while singer Noah Cyrus proclaimed adoration beyond words. Drag star BenDeLaCreme shared gratitude for Peck's openness and emphasized the importance of self-care, considering it vital, noble, and essential.

Numerous fans also applauded Peck's example, emphasizing the significance of self-care and acknowledging that it is necessary for their existence and well-being. They reassured him they would support him whenever he needed their support.

Peck's decision comes in the wake of other artists struggling with the pressures of touring. In May, pop sensation Miley Cyrus confessed to feeling "isolated" and suggested she might never tour again. Grammy-winning artist Sam Smith canceled three UK concerts due to vocal cord issues.

Similarly, singer Shawn Mendes canceled his world tour last year due to mental health concerns. This is not the first time Peck has shared his challenges in the music industry, particularly as a gay man. In an interview with People magazine in April, he candidly discussed the treatment he endured at the beginning of his career.

Despite skepticism and discouragement, he remained resilient, refusing to let anyone dictate what he could or couldn't achieve. Such adversity only fueled his determination to prove