Madonna Honors All Dads in Inclusive Father's Day Salute

Madonna shares a heartfelt tribute to fatherhood and resilience.

by Nouman Rasool
Madonna Honors All Dads in Inclusive Father's Day Salute

In an affectionate and inclusive Father's Day tribute, global pop icon Madonna celebrated "all the dads out there" with a heartfelt message. On Sunday afternoon, June 18, Madonna took to Instagram to send a universal salute to father figures of every identity, stating, "Happy Father's Day too.

All the Dad's out there!!! She's, He's, Them's, and They're!!" Her remarks underscored an inclusive sentiment, ensuring that no one identifying as a father felt excluded on this special day. However, she made a particular note of one special person in her life - her father, Silvino Ciccone.

Along with her message, Madonna shared a newly clicked selfie and a vintage picture of her dashing father. She fondly recalled his statement, saying he would continue "until the wheels fall off." This steadfast perseverance, she expressed, she too carries within herself.

Madonna Honors Father's Teachings

Madonna went on to appreciate her father's unwavering work ethic, his love, and his refusal to spoil her in any way. "Thanks for your unrelenting work ethic and Love and for refusing to spoil me in any way," the artist, who is currently making waves with her latest tracks "Popular" and "Vulgar," wrote in her caption.

The "Material Girl" singer, who is soon to set off on her comprehensive Celebration Tour, expressed her gratitude for teaching her the art of survival. Madonna's sentiment, however, isn't new. The star echoed the same feelings two years prior when she posted about a visit to Silvio's vineyard on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Accompanied by her six children, she reminisced about her father's journey as an Italian immigrant in the US, lauding his resilience and hardworking nature. "My father is a survivor growing up as an Italian Immigrant in the US and living thru many traumas but always working hard for everything he had," she captioned the post.

The pop icon further emphasized the valuable lessons of hard work and earning one's way in life taught by her father. Closing her heartfelt tribute, Madonna once again expressed her gratitude, showing the world the profound influence of her father's legacy on her life.