Jesse Malin Paralyzed Following Rare Spinal Stroke


Jesse Malin Paralyzed Following Rare Spinal Stroke

Esteemed punk rock singer Jesse Malin, 56, recently disclosed to Rolling Stone that he is now paralyzed from the waist down due to an uncommon condition, a spinal cord stroke, that occurred unexpectedly at a New York City restaurant last month.

The shock has left him wheelchair-bound and working diligently through a rehabilitative regimen at a local medical facility. Spinal cord strokes are a rare phenomenon where the spinal cord's blood flow is disrupted, often resulting from a blood clot, arterial plaque buildup, or spinal cord bleeding.

According to Northwestern Medicine, this deprivation of blood impedes the spinal cord's access to necessary oxygen and nutrients, leading to cell damage or even fatality. Symptoms of this ailment vary and may present as leg aching, weakness, and acute or burning back pain, as the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes.

While spinal cord strokes are exceedingly infrequent, making up a mere 0.3-1% of all strokes, they can have dire consequences, including paralysis and even death, if not promptly addressed, asserts Northwestern Medicine.

Fundraiser Launched for Malin's Recovery

According to Malin's team, a fundraiser has been initiated through the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

They hope to pool resources for "traditional and alternative medical therapies" to aid in his recovery following this devastating diagnosis. This distressing news follows Malin's recent cancellation of his imminent U.K. and U.S.

tours due to what was initially categorized as a "serious back injury." Malin conveyed the gravity of his ordeal to Rolling Stone, stating, "This is the hardest six weeks that I've ever had... The reports from the doctors have been tough." Despite his prognosis's uncertainty, Malin remains resilient, clinging to hope for recovery.

Malin's recovery journey has shifted to a rehabilitation center after undergoing several spinal procedures. There, he is learning to navigate daily tasks and movements sans the use of his legs, aiming for discharge by June's end.

The fundraiser initiated for Malin's cause emphasizes that his insurance falls short of covering a considerable chunk of his expenses, particularly those beyond acute care. This campaign aims to alleviate the financial burden accompanying his extensive and ongoing care.

Although humbled by his predicament, Malin expressed discomfort about soliciting financial help. He stated, "But it's tough for me to take back and be that person... I don't want to be a burden, but I'm learning. Just laying here and being unable to walk is very humbling." Malin's struggle underscores the humility and resilience intrinsic to his ongoing journey toward recovery.