Maneskin's Damiano David and The Kiss That Stirred Social Media


Maneskin's Damiano David and The Kiss That Stirred Social Media

In the glaring spotlight of fame, the line between public and private life can blur dangerously. This precarious balance was brought into sharp relief in the case of Damiano David, lead singer of the globally celebrated Italian band Maneskin.

A video circulated on social media showing David in an intimate moment with a mysterious girl, and in the ensuing uproar, David found himself explaining not just his actions, but the state of his personal life.

A Kiss Seen Around the World

The video in question swiftly went viral, captivating audiences far beyond the Italian borders.

The "mysterious girl," as she came to be known, was identified by some as Martini Taglienti, a notable model and close friend of Victoria De Angelis, David's bandmate. This unexpected twist added fuel to the already raging fire.

Amid the rapidly spinning rumor mill, the number of followers on Taglienti's Instagram account soared to 72 thousand. In the face of escalating public curiosity and concern, David broke his silence. He expressed his regret over the incident, acknowledging that the video's release was not the most graceful way to address the situation.

"I am very sorry this video came out, it was not how I wanted to handle the situation, and it was my mistake," David said, in a statement translated from Italian.

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A Sudden Breakup and A Plea for Respect

What followed was an even more surprising revelation.

The Italian rocker disclosed that he had recently ended his relationship with Giorgia Soleri, an Italian model and social media influencer. He was quick to underscore that the breakup involved "no betrayals of any kind." While apologizing for what some perceived as inappropriate behavior, David also appealed to his fans and the wider public to respect the sensitivity of the moment. "I hope this doesn't affect Giorgia's image and that you can respect the delicacy of this moment," he implored.