Who will inherit Tina Turner's fortune?

Her fortune is estimated at 250 million dollars

by Sead Dedovic
Who will inherit Tina Turner's fortune?

A great deal of sadness was felt in the music scene as a result of Tina Turner's passing. In addition to the rich career of this singer, a number of concerts and hit songs are the reasons why so many people were passionate about her.

Tina Turner died at the age of 83. Throughout her life, Tina has survived a lot of hardships. The fact that she was a victim of violence, divorced, sufferred from illness, and much more all got in the way of her life. As a result of the abuse Turner endured during her first marriage with Ike Turner, Turner decided to divorce him.

In addition, she has also lost two sons over the years. One of the sons committed suicide as a result of his depression. Sadly, the second son was suffering from a serious illness with which he was fighting for his life.

Tina Turner's fortune

Fortunately, she has been able to build a good fortune over the course of her career, a fortune estimated to be approximately $250 million.

The media reports that the singer had successfully resolved the issue of her property many years before her death. Having been fighting colon cancer for many years, she at one point also needed a new kidney due to the fact that she had been battling colon cancer for a while, which fortunately was generously donated by her husband, Erwin Bach.

As of yet, nothing is known about who will inherit her fortune. However, it is widely believed that most, if not all, of it will go to her husband whom she has been married to for 10 years, after which they have been in a committed relationship for 27 years.

Since both Tina's biological children, Craig and Ronnie, are now deceased, many would expect that Tina would share her wealth with Ike Turner's sons who she adopted after her marriage to Ike Turner, specifically Ike Turner Junior and Michael Turner, who were both born after her marriage to Ike Turner.

As Ike Jr. recently revealed in an interview, he has not communicated with his mother for many years, in fact, it has been 20 years.

Tina Turner