The love story of Erwin Bach and Tina Turner


The love story of Erwin Bach and Tina Turner

Tina Turner was not only a great musical talent, but she was also a regular contributor to newspaper columns due to her marriage to Ike Turner. It took her a long time to rebuild her life, career and family after escaping from an abusive relationship while only having 36 cents in her wallet.

Her life changed completely after she met Erwin Bach in the middle of a decade later. Erwin Bach picked up Tina Turner from the airport in Düsseldorf when her manager asked him to pick her up. As a German music director, Bach had a good reputation.

The HBO documentary "Tina", which was released in 2021, told the story of Tina and her first meeting. Initially, the woman admitted that she was a little reserved because of her age difference, which scared her a bit. In this case, Erwin was 30 years old at the time, and she had just turned 47 years old that same year.


As she approached her 50th birthday, three years later, Erwin decided to ask the woman to marry him. There was, however, a little hesitation on Tina's part regarding accepting the proposal. - I told him that I don't have an answer for him.

It was neither yes nor no. Marriage means ownership. I didn't want anyone to address me as their own. I had had enough, she said. At the age of 57, she and Erwin moved to Switzerland together, and they lived there for many years.

During their time in Zurich, Turner and her husband lived in a very luxurious castle, and in the following years, Turner renounced her American citizenship in a formal process. After a 50-year career spanning across several fields, she decided to retire in 2009.

It was a long-awaited change for Erwin and her family that she longed for in her autobiography, which she explained that she had been thinking about for a long time. - I knew the time had come for that. I boarded the plane with Erwin.

I sat down next to him, calm and determined. I took a breath and told myself that I would not perform again, she wrote.

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