Loreen Makes Eurovision History: The First Woman to Win Twice


Loreen Makes Eurovision History: The First Woman to Win Twice
Loreen Makes Eurovision History: The First Woman to Win Twice

Swedish artist Loreen has etched her name in the annals of Eurovision Song Contest history, becoming the second person ever to win the prestigious competition twice. Her first victory came in 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan, and now, after a captivating performance in Liverpool, Loreen has emerged victorious once again, breaking new ground as the first woman to achieve this remarkable feat.

Loreen's Remarkable Journey from Baku to Liverpool

According to the BBC, Loreen possessed a crucial advantage that set her apart from her competitors in this year's final: the experience of being a former champion. The 39-year-old Stockholm native had already claimed the Eurovision crown in Baku with her chart-topping anthem "Euphoria." Now, with her enchanting song "Tattoo" and a staggering 583 points, she has solidified her place as a two-time winner.

Accepting the iconic glass microphone and gracing the stage in Liverpool, Loreen expressed her awe at the momentous occasion, describing it as "amazing." Reflecting on her triumph, she revealed, "I didn't think I'd do it ever again.

But then they sent me the song, and I could just feel it was a good song, and then they popped the question." Her response was unequivocal: "Hell no."

Loreen's Cultural Impact and Philanthropic Pursuits

Attempting to encapsulate Loreen's cultural significance within the Eurovision Song Contest proves a daunting task, for her triumph in 2012 ignited a fervor among an entire generation of competition enthusiasts.

Beyond her musical prowess, Loreen's involvement in Sweden's national competition to earn a Eurovision spot deserves attention. She competed not once, but four times, initially in 2011 with "My heart is refusing me," an entry that failed to secure a placement.

However, Loreen emerged victorious in 2012 and made subsequent attempts in 2017 with "Statements" and, most recently, in the current year. "I love this community," Loreen passionately shared while posing for selfies. "I hope people feel how much I love them and care." Beyond her musical endeavors, Loreen has established herself as a prominent figure in humanitarian work, participating in UN campaigns to aid Syrian refugees and lending support to organizations that champion human rights causes.

However, Loreen's commitment to activism did not come without controversy. Following her triumph in Baku, she found herself at the center of a scandal when she met with local human rights activists who raised concerns about the lack of democracy in the former Soviet state.

Unafraid to speak her mind, Loreen later conveyed to journalists that human rights violations occur daily in Azerbaijan, emphasizing the importance of not remaining silent in the face of such injustices. While Loreen guards her personal life closely, in 2017 she publicly shared her bisexuality and expressed her unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.