Ed Sheeran on plagiarism allegations: I’m not lying here


Ed Sheeran on plagiarism allegations: I’m not lying here
Ed Sheeran on plagiarism allegations: I’m not lying here

The most difficult moment in Ed Sheeran's career so far has been facing him during the last couple of months. Considering the large number of accusations he has been facing, there is a lot of pressure on him. It has recently come to the attention of British singer Ed Sheeran that his song "Thinking Out Loud" is an alleged copy of Marvin Gaye's classic "Let's Get It On".

It is alleged that Sheeran, his label Warner Music Group, and publisher Sony Music Publishing are owing a portion of the profits made from the 1973 hit song to the descendants of Ed Townsend, Gaye's co-writer. Ed Sheeran still won in court, and this is not the first case where famous musicians face similar problems.

“I just think it comes with the territory."- he said.
“When they say there’s a hit, there’s a writ – it’s true. Every single hit”.

Ed Sheeran on his song

Ed Sheeran explained why his song is not plagiarism and confirmed that he is indeed the creator of that song.

“There’s four chords that get used in pop songs, and there’s however many notes – eight notes or whatever – and there’s 60,000 songs released every single day,” Sheeran said.. “And if you just think mathematically the likelihood of this song having the same chords as this song … you are going to get this with every single pop song from now on – like, unless it just stops, which I don’t think it does because it’s a big money business to take things to court”.

The chords he used in the song are common in various pop songs. However, Sheeran is happy that justice prevailed in the end. “You can only get caught out if you’ve done something wrong. And … I have not done something wrong.

I’m not lying here. I used … chords that are very common … to use, and they sound like lots of songs”.

Ed Sheeran

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