Cher broke up with a boyfriend 40 years younger


Cher broke up with a boyfriend 40 years younger
Cher broke up with a boyfriend 40 years younger

Aside from the fact that Cher is one of the most famous personalities on today's scene, she is also one of the most beautiful people. Despite the fact that Cher is now 76 years old, she looks amazing and many people wonder how she maintains such a good look so well.

However, now there is new information that is of even more interest to Cher fans.

Cher and Alexander AE Edwards, the famous couple who met last year and started their love journey over the past year, appear to have experienced a relationship collapse.

Their relationship lasted for several months and both parties decided that it was the right time to break up. As a result of the 40-year age difference between them, many were surprised by their relationship. As Cher has made it clear many times, she knows that their relationship may seem a bit strange, but the love between them was too strong, and they decided to start a relationship despite all of the negative criticisms they received.

AE Edwards

There are three major record companies in the industry, and one of them is Universal Music Group, where Alex Edwards works as a music director. Additionally, he worked as a music producer and artist at the independent publishing house Last Kings Records, which is owned by the rapper Tyga, who is a close friend of his, and they are frequently seen together in Los Angeles together.

Alex Edwards has made a big name on the music scene. When Edwards gave Cher a massive diamond ring at the beginning of the year, it immediately sparked rumors about an engagement. It is important to note, however, that the singer did not wear the new diamond on her ring finger, as well as a source close to the couple telling People magazine that they aren't considering marriage at the moment.

As a result of the wide age gap, a lot of people expected that such a result would happen. Despite the reasons still being unknown, the couple decided that it would be best for everybody if they went their separate ways and continued their lives by themselves.