Gordon Lightfoot dies at the age of 84


Gordon Lightfoot dies at the age of 84
Gordon Lightfoot dies at the age of 84

Gordon Lightfoot, the Canadian singer-songwriter died at the age of 84. Lightfoot has had health problems in the past, and it was precisely for these reasons that he canceled the tour. In the wake of the death of a great artist who produced an enormous amount of hits, there remains a great void in the music industry.

There are many messages of condolence after his death. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of those who expressed his condolences to the family. Trudeau emphasized the mark Lightfoot left on everyone: "We have lost one of our greatest singer-songwriters.

Gordon Lightfoot captured our country’s spirit in his music – and in doing so, he helped shape Canada’s soundscape. May his music continue to inspire future generations, and may his legacy live on forever.

To his family, friends, and many fans across the country and around the world: I’m keeping you in my thoughts at this difficult time."- he wrote on Twitter.

Gordon Lightfoot and his career

Gordon Lightfoot was one of the few artists who had the respect and admiration of the majority of his peers.

The moves made by Lightfoot were never in a way that caused anger in others. There is no doubt that Gordon's positive attitude during his most difficult times has kept him going and that this is what makes him so special at the same time.

In the course of his career, he created a lot of music, and his songs will be remembered for a long time to come. He never saw himself as an 'important' person, although he really was. "Sometimes I wonder why I'm being called an icon, because I really don't think of myself that way. I'm a professional musician and I work with very professional people. It's how we get through life," he told.