Dolly Parton on her book "Billy The Kid Makes It Big" and her motives


Dolly Parton on her book "Billy The Kid Makes It Big" and her motives
Dolly Parton on her book "Billy The Kid Makes It Big" and her motives

In an interview with NPR, Dolly Parton talked about her new book, "Billy The Kid Makes It Big". Parton pointed out in the foreground what motivated her to begin writing the book and what she wants to convey through it as well as what the book's message is.

"Billy belongs to my manager, Danny Nozell. And when Danny first brought him to the studio, I just fell in love with him. He's a tiny little thing. And I just claimed him. And I said I have to be his extra mama, or he has to be my goddog.

[The book] is about confidence, about standing up to bullies. So it's really got a lot of meaningful things, I think, for children from four to seven. It's a story about him coming to Nashville, trying to make it in the business and being discouraged by some others and feeling sad.

And finally meeting some friends that gave him confidence."- she said.

Dolly Parton on her childhood

As a child, Dolly Parton, just like most children, went through moments in her life when she was bullied. There was one particular detail that Parton still remembers to this day that she hasn't forgotten.

A moment like this was the motivation she needed to do something like this in the first place. "I have a song and a book called, Coat of Many Colors. My mama had made me a little coat out of rags, because she didn't have enough of the same material to make me a coat and it was getting winter time.

So, while she made that coat she told me the story about Joseph in the Bible. And boy, I thought I just really looked like Joseph, and I was so proud of it, and wore it to school. And the kids laughed and said it was just rags, and I didn't look like Joseph, and that we were poor and all that.

I remember crying so hard. And kids always remember things like that, your first deep hurt. So that followed me and years later, I didn't really know it was so in there, I wrote a song about it. So since then, I've written lots of songs that I know are things that children deal with, whether it be the bullying, or just being hurt, or having no confidence, and being able to stay strong and believe in who you are."

Dolly Parton

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