Frank Ocean's Disappointing Performance at Coachella


Frank Ocean's Disappointing Performance at Coachella

Frank Ocean, a renowned American singer and rapper, was one of the most eagerly awaited artists at this year's Coachella music festival. However, his performance was far from what fans and visitors had expected, leaving many disappointed.

Late and Uninterested

Frank Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, was already known for cancelling concerts, and this time, he added to his reputation with a lacklustre performance at Coachella. He was first late to the stage and left the stage twice to let others perform, and during the performance, he seemed to be hiding behind a screen.

The rapper's back was partially turned to the crowd, his face obscured by a hood, and some fans joked that he was not even physically present at the festival. The performance ended abruptly due to the curfew, and many fans described it as "the worst ever in his entire career" and "insulting to anyone who is a fan".

"He didn't even bother to open his mouth"

Disappointing Production

In addition to Frank's disappointing performance, it was previously announced that his performance would not be streamed live on YouTube, without any explanation.

However, some visitors secured seats near the main stage several hours before the concert, recorded the performance, and some of the recordings spread on social networks. However, nothing that fans saw lived up to their expectations, and many fans felt cheated and frustrated.

"Conclusion: people travelled such far distance to see him and people had high expectations. And we all got really disappointed. The whole production was just... lacking and he was really not bringing much to that performance."

@blonded_ After 6 long years of no live performances Frank Ocean will be closing Coachella these next 2 weekends.

Let me hype you guys up real quick! #FrankOcean #fyp #coachella ? Self Control live by Blonded - Noel

Twitter Reactions

Numerous fans have responded to the claims on Twitter, with some disappointed in Frank's performance, and others defending him.

One fan wrote, "Disappointed in Frank Ocean's Coachella performance, and I wasn't even there." Another argued, "Everyone complaining about Frank Ocean can just shut the f*** up. Y’all bought overpriced tickets to see one guy.

As an artist, he has 0 respect for his fans." However, one person replied, "Maybe he's goin thru some s*** idk."