Justin Bieber is sick and cancels the 2023 world tour: what happens


Justin Bieber is sick and cancels the 2023 world tour: what happens

Justin Bieber is sick and cancels the 2023 world tour. The singer, who last June revealed his battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome that caused facial paralysis, has canceled all dates on the Justice World Tour. The singer said: "My body is telling me to slow down.

I hope you understand. I will only use this time to rest and relax and get back to one hundred percent so I can do what I was born to do. The situation is serious. Pray for me. I'll be fine, but I need time to rest and get better." Hailey Bieber, his wife, a few months ago said: "I will always be by his side and I will help him through this difficult period."
A few months earlier, Justin had supported his wife through her health problems.

In March 2022, in fact, the model ended up in the hospital for a mini stroke. Now the news of the cancellation of all concerts has arrived. The disease Bieber is battling, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, is a neurological condition that can develop as a result of infection with the Herpes Zoster virus.

The virus can have serious effects: in addition to paralyzing nerves in the face and causing blisters on the outer and inner ears and near the nose and mouth, it can lead to hearing loss. The consequences can, in rare cases, become permanent.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome can lie dormant for years and manifest itself in times of severe psychological and physical stress. And Justin has been under stress since he was a child. The son of a single mother with a history of abuse and addiction, at 15 he was already a star in the music industry.

Hailey on Justin

Hailey Bieber is back to talk about the problems that her husband Juston Bieber has had in the last period. She told it in an interview with Good Morning America. Since her husband told on Instagram that he is suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Justin and Hiley have been married since 2018 but have always been friends, so they have an already consolidated bond of complicity with a long history behind them. Hailey explained: "He is feeling so much better it's a really terrifying and unpredictable time but he will be fine and recover.

As for health I try to look on the bright side and that is that this is getting us so close. We are going through it together, we are close. to each other and we support each other. Living such a thing strengthens relationships.

Going through all of this in plain sight somehow forces you to react and demonstrate clarity so that people understand what you are going through. Indeed I believe that talking about it has triggered many social debates.

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