Katy Perry Accused of Mom-Shaming and Insensitivity on American Idol

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Katy Perry Accused of Mom-Shaming and Insensitivity on American Idol
Katy Perry Accused of Mom-Shaming and Insensitivity on American Idol

Katy Perry, one of the judges on the popular show "American Idol", has recently come under fire for her allegedly rude behavior towards a contestant. 25-year-old Sara Beth Liebe performed at the audition and received criticism from viewers who felt that Perry was inappropriate in her comments towards the aspiring singer.

Mom-Shaming and Insensitivity Accusations

As Liebe sang, Perry interrupted her, remarking, "Come on, we need more!" After Liebe's performance, Perry declared, "That's not enough." This prompted Liebe to perform Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets." While introducing herself, Liebe mentioned that she is not a singer, to which Perry responded, "Look, if it's not your dream, it's not going to go far.

I also respect everyone who's walking through that door who will lay down their life for this golden ticket." During Liebe's performance of Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good," Perry commented that it was not good enough and suggested that Liebe try something else.

In response, Liebe decided to perform "Bennie and the Jets," surprising the judges but still leaving Perry skeptical. Despite this, Liebe passed the audition, although Lionel Richie did not want to give her a "yes."

Outrage from Viewers

Viewers of the show expressed their disappointment with Perry's behavior, with one viewer writing, "Boo to Katy Perry for mom-shaming Sara Beth." Another added, "Katy Perry bullying Sara on American Idol should get her taken off as a judge." However, not everyone was critical of Perry, with some viewing her comments as an attempt to help Liebe improve.

One viewer wrote, "Being honest is now bullying." Another questioned, "Katy Perry judging a contestant on a show that judges contestants? Shocking. Ever heard of @SimonCowell?"

The controversy surrounding Katy Perry's behavior on "American Idol" raises questions about the appropriate way for judges to provide constructive criticism to contestants.

While some believe that Perry's comments were harsh and insensitive, others argue that she was simply trying to help Liebe improve.

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