Shakira Finds Comfort in Music Amidst Personal Turmoil

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Shakira Finds Comfort in Music Amidst Personal Turmoil

Colombian superstar Shakira recently revealed how her music has become a form of therapy for her amidst personal struggles. In an interview with Mexican television station Televisa, the singer disclosed that her latest song, "BZRP Music Session #53," which she recorded with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, had a significant impact on her well-being.

Coping with a Difficult Breakup

Shakira's third song dedicated to her breakup with former footballer Gerard Pique has been a source of comfort for her. The pop superstar and the soccer world champion announced their separation in June 2022 after more than a decade of life together and having two children.

In the interview, Shakira acknowledged her emotional dependence on men in the past but revealed that this experience has taught her to see things differently. “But this story taught me to see it from a different perspective and to be enough for myself,” she shared.

A Glimpse into Shakira's Emotional Journey

Shakira's latest song, "BZRP Music Session #53," provides a glimpse into her emotional journey. The collaboration with Bizarrap was inspired by her ten-year-old son Milan, who suggested that she work with the Argentinian producer.

The song has proven to be a collaborative success, with over 38 million views on YouTube since its release in January 2023. Shakira shared that the song had a significant impact on her mental health and helped her heal from her personal struggles.

“The songs I write are the best therapy for me. They are more effective than a visit to the psychologist,” Shakira shared. “I went into the studio one way and came out another. It was a great relief for me and necessary for my own healing”.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Shakira's music continues to provide a form of solace for her. As she has said in previous interviews, "Music has always been my safe haven, the place where I feel most alive." It is clear that this remains true for her even in the midst of personal turmoil.