Adele's Diamond Ring Spark Engagement Rumors with Partner Rich Paul

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Adele's Diamond Ring Spark Engagement Rumors with Partner Rich Paul
Adele's Diamond Ring Spark Engagement Rumors with Partner Rich Paul

Adele, the renowned singer, has caused a stir in the entertainment world with her latest fashion show appearance in Las Vegas, where she was seen sporting a large diamond ring. The news of a possible engagement between Adele and her partner Rich Paul has been circulating, with sources claiming that the couple is planning to get married this summer after two years of dating.

Public Appearances

Adele and Rich Paul made their last public appearance together at the Superbowl earlier this month, where they looked as in love as ever. Before that, they were seen posing for photos at the Grammys, cementing their status as one of the most adored couples in the entertainment world.

Living Together

Adele and Rich Paul made the decision to live together in May of last year, and the singer posted a video showing their new home, which is one of two properties worth $65 million that they own in Los Angeles and London.

Declarations of Love

Although Adele tries to keep her private life a secret, in December of last year, she openly declared her love for her partner Rich Paul, dedicating a song to him at one of her performances in Las Vegas.

She sang "Happy Birthday" to him during her set and declared, "And I love him more than life itself, so can we wish him happy birthday? His name's Rich!"

Dreams of a Homemaker

During an interview with ELLE in August, Adele revealed her dream of being a homemaker and expressed her plans for marriage and children with Rich Paul.

She stated, "I've never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him. I definitely want more kids." reports Daily Mail.

How They Met

Adele and Rich Paul first met at a party a few years ago and made their relationship public in the summer of 2021.

The singer was previously married to charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki, the father of her nine-year-old son Angelo, but they separated after getting married in 2018.

Confession of Love

Adele gushed to ELLE about Rich Paul, saying, "I've never been in love like this.

I'm obsessed with him. I definitely want more kids." She also stated, "I'm a homemaker and I'm a matriarch, and a stable life helps me with my music."

The Diamond Ring

When asked about the diamond ring she has been wearing recently, Adele coyly replied, "Well! Well. Well, I'm not married." Later, she confessed, "I'm not engaged. I just love high-end jewelry, boy!"

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