Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Call It Quits After Less Than a Year of Engagement


Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Call It Quits After Less Than a Year of Engagement
Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun Call It Quits After Less Than a Year of Engagement

The Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne, and her partner, Mod Sun, have ended their engagement and relationship, according to representative of Lavigne who confirmed the news to PEOPLE. Despite a tumultuous relationship, the former couple had been engaged for less than a year before finally calling it quits.

The Breakup and Reconciliation

Sources close to the couple informed PEOPLE that Lavigne and Mod Sun had been experiencing issues in recent months which resulted in several breakups and reconciliations. An insider stated, "Avril and Mod Sun have been on and off for the past two months, but are no longer together as a couple."

Mod Sun's Response

However, the representative of Mod Sun expressed surprise at the news of the breakup, claiming that they were still together and engaged just three days ago when Mod Sun went on tour.

The representative stated, "They were together and engaged as of three days ago when Mod left for tour so if anything has changed that's news to him." Despite the breakup, Mod Sun has no plans to end his tour or job, according to the representative.

Good Terms Despite Breakup

Despite the recent breakup, Lavigne and Mod Sun seem to be on good terms, as they both still follow each other on social media. The news of the breakup comes just days after Lavigne was spotted hanging out with rapper Tyga in Malibu, California.

Mod Sun's Thoughts on the Relationship

In a recent interview with E! News, Mod Sun spoke fondly of his relationship with Lavigne, describing "Avril's Song" as "dark and sweet at the same time" and noting that its lyrics were "a total metaphor" for how he had been affected by the relationship.

He stated, "I have found such a partner in this world to go through the chaos that life gives you. I have found that person. I'm with a real grown woman who has gone through it all 10 times over and she makes me a better person."

No Evidence of Fraud

According to the information received by the media, fraud was not the reason for the termination of the relationship.

Lavigne and Mod Sun got engaged in Paris in March 2022 after being in a relationship for over a year. In conclusion, Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun have officially ended their engagement and relationship, despite a tumultuous past few months and conflicting reports from representatives. Regardless, the former couple seems to still be on good terms.

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