Harry Styles' "Shoey" Stunt Sparks Disgust Among Fans


Harry Styles' "Shoey" Stunt Sparks Disgust Among Fans
Harry Styles' "Shoey" Stunt Sparks Disgust Among Fans

British pop star Harry Styles has joined the ranks of Australian shoe drinkers, and his performance has left many fans disgusted. During his "Love on Tour" show in Perth, the Grammy Award-winning singer pulled a fan from the audience and invited him to take part in the Australian tradition of drinking from a shoe.

As reported by local news outlet Perth Now, Styles poured water from a bottle into his shoe before raising it to his lips and drinking the water, while the audience cheered. While some fans were amused by the singer's antics, others were horrified by the spectacle, taking to social media to express their disgust.

"Disgusting" Display on Stage

One fan tweeted, "Tradition or not, that s*** is nasty af," while another added, "No, this actually made me nauseous. This is so vile." A third fan claimed to have thrown up after watching the stunt, with another calling it "so disgusting."

The shoey, a popular drinking game in Australia, involves drinking an alcoholic beverage from a shoe, usually after a sporting event.

It is said to have originated in Australia, although its exact origins are unclear. Styles himself appeared to be somewhat disgusted by the stunt, telling the audience, "This is one of the most disgusting traditions I've ever heard of." He later joked, "I feel like a different person, I feel ashamed of myself.

It feels so personal, such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people. I'll be discussing this with my therapist at length." While the "shoey" tradition may be a common practice in Australia, it seems to have been a shock to many of Harry Styles' fans.

Despite the mixed reactions, the singer remained in good spirits, adding humor to the situation. Following his Perth show, Harry will head to Victoria on the weekend, before gigs in Sydney and Queensland.

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