P!nk released a new album "Trustfall"


P!nk released a new album "Trustfall"
P!nk released a new album "Trustfall"

It was a long time coming but Pink has released her ninth studio album called "Trustfall", which was preceded by the lead single "Never Gonna Not Dance Again" and the ballad "When I Get There", which she dedicated to her late father.

It is her first studio album since 2019 when she released her album "Hurts 2Be Human". There are a lot of collaborations on the new album, including collaborations with The Lumineers ("Long Way to Go"), First Aid Kit ("Kids in Love"), and Chris Stapleton (the album's finale "Just Say I'm Sorry").

In a statement to Billboard, Pink explained how the album's name came about: "It was such an easy thing to name this album," she said. "I want to get out of bed, get dressed, take the kids to school, be in a relationship, be a parent and participate in elections - and that requires a lot of trust.

And most of the time, we feel like we're falling and we don't know where the ground is."

Pink talks about TikTok's rise: Things have changed

She also discussed TikTok's rise as a popular social media platform and its impact on pop music in her TED talk, adding that "things have changed and I'm not there anymore," she said when asked about the popular social media platform.

“And I'm fine with that. People come to my shows, they grew up with me. I'm a pop fan. I love the Beatles, I love doo-wop music, I love Broadway. I come from a different background and I have to be true to myself." As with Pink's previous albums, there are high expectations for her new album and we can expect her to break records that she has repeatedly broken.

Fans have already started to respond to her new album, and many have expressed their delight over what they were able to hear on the album.