Shakira's Valentine's Day Post Sparks Controversy


Shakira's Valentine's Day Post Sparks Controversy
Shakira's Valentine's Day Post Sparks Controversy

On Valentine's Day, the Colombian singer Shakira posted a video on social media that left many of her fans and followers scratching their heads. In the video, the Grammy-winning artist can be seen dressed entirely in black, with a broom in her hand, singing along to the song "Kill Bill" by American artist SZA.

However, what caught the attention of viewers was the lyrics, which spoke of wanting to kill her ex-partner. "I might kill my ex/Not the best idea/His new girlfriend's next, how'd I get here?" Shakira sang in the video. "I might kill my ex/I still love him though/Rather be in jail than alone/I did it all for love."

The video ended with Shakira laughing, but the reaction from her followers was not as lighthearted.

Many were quick to criticize the singer for the violent and disturbing nature of the lyrics. One Twitter user wrote, "If a man sang something like this, they would call the police." Another stated, "She needs therapy, and urgently."

Shakira's Personal Life in the Spotlight

To understand the context behind the controversial video, it's essential to know about the singer's personal life.

Shakira had a long-term relationship with footballer Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two children. However, last year, news broke that Piqué had been unfaithful to Shakira with a younger woman named Chiara Chija.

While Piqué and Chija have since gone public with their relationship, Shakira has remained largely private about her personal life. Shakira and Piqué first confirmed their relationship in 2011 after meeting on the set of her music video for "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," which served as the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

However, in June of last year, the couple announced their separation in a joint statement, stating that their children's well-being was their priority.

Shakira's Controversial Video Sparks Discussions on Social Media

Shakira's video has sparked a debate on social media about the line between artistic expression and promoting violence.

While some have defended the singer, saying that the lyrics are a reflection of the emotions that many people feel after a painful breakup, others have argued that the video sends the wrong message and could be triggering to survivors of domestic abuse.


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