Legendary Singer Anna Oxa Expresses Displeasure with Sanremo Results

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Legendary Singer Anna Oxa Expresses Displeasure with Sanremo Results

On the first night of the Sanremo Festival 2023, Anna Oxa found herself in a disappointing situation when her performance was placed last by the jury. The singer was not pleased with the decision and released a statement addressing the jury.

She claimed that the jury did not understand the lyrics of her song, "Sali (Canto dell'anima)," and pointed out the existence of "functional illiteracy" in Italy. However, Anna Oxa's performance did receive some positive feedback from her audience.

According to a Facebook post, her song, "Sali (Canto dell'Anima)," placed sixth in terms of the number of plays among all performances of the early evening. This result showed strong support from the singer's fans. "Anna Oxa awaits you tomorrow evening, directly from the Sanremo Festival 2023.

Please get ready to vote 'Anna Oxa' and get voted. For the press Anna Oxa deserves the position 26... All together with Anna Oxa," the singer said in a statement addressed to her fans.

The Stance on Functional Illiteracy

The legal representative of the Oxarte company, Milly Milano, released a statement on the functional illiteracy issue and explained that it was a simple reporting of data and that the company was not taking anyone into question. "The Oxarte company is in solidarity with those who have struggled to understand the text and / or the meaning of the song 'Sali (Singing the soul)'

Probably for some, it is easier to have a less structured text in Italian. We can advise you to be followed by experts or listen to other people with text structures within the reach of your skills. Thanks for your attention," Milano said.

Then the text continues: "I would like to tell the journalists ( altered ) who attribute false situations to Mrs. Oxa that the artist has not dedicated even a second of his life to you since yesterday after singing, to today, because she was lovingly with her children, present in Sanremo.

So this title in the image is yet another hoax that bears his name. But do you also make mozzarella or just articles ( buffalo )? We remind you that to protect a civil society and to protect human rights we have the famous 90 days to contact the authorities of the competent territories.

Manager of Oxarte Milly Milano Company".

Anna Oxa's Legacy at the Sanremo Festival

Anna Oxa first gained fame at the Sanremo Festival, performing for the first time in 1978 with the song "Un'emozione da poco" and finishing in second place.

She has won the festival twice, in 1989 with the song "Ti Lascero" and in 1999 with the single "Senza pieta."