"As It Was": Harry Styles' Backwards Performance Takes Grammys by Surprise


"As It Was": Harry Styles' Backwards Performance Takes Grammys by Surprise

In a show-stopping performance at the 2023 Grammys, Harry Styles and his crew were forced to switch things up when the stage turned in the wrong direction. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Styles and his dancers, along with choreographer Dexter Da Rocha, managed to pull off a remarkable feat, performing the complex choreography for "As It Was" backwards.

Rehearsed to Perfection

According to Da Rocha, the 12-person dance troupe had rehearsed the intricate moves for ten days, honing the "“12 of us were on the turntable and we rehearsed for 10 days getting down these beautiful formations and sliding off the turntable… and Harry did such a good job integrating into it and had a beautiful duet,”" for a seamless performance.

In a TikTok post, Da Rocha described the exhaustive preparations, stating "we were practicing with the turntable counterclockwise and we did it loads of times and got it down to the point where, in dress rehearsal yesterday, it was spotless."

Unexpected Hurdles

But when the stage turned the wrong way on Grammys night, the dancers were faced with a new challenge.

Dancer Brandon Mathis stated on an Instagram story, "To switch all of those patterns around on the spot [without] having even walked in that direction?… Since it’s circular it pulls you in different directions and it’s such a special type of balance so we got accustomed to one way." However, Da Rocha explained that the quick-thinking troupe was able to improvise and adjust, stating "luckily we worked together and did our best and got to one cool formation."

A Singing Sensation

The real standout, though, was Styles himself, who managed to walk and sing everything in reverse, including his duet.

Da Rocha praised the singer's incredible feat, stating "Harry did his best to walk and reverse everything while he was singing and reverse his entire duet which is incredible."

The Grammys' Big Winner

After the jaw-dropping performance, Styles received another surprise of the night when he won Album of the Year for his third studio album "Harry's House".

It was a night to remember for the singer, who proved that with hard work, preparation, and a little bit of luck, anything is possible.

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