Rod Stewart Calls for Change in Government, Offers Support to NHS Workers


Rod Stewart Calls for Change in Government, Offers Support to NHS Workers

On Thursday, legendary British rock singer Rod Stewart made a surprise appearance on live Sky News to express his frustration with the current state of the National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain. The 78-year-old singer, known for his 1970s hits "Maggie May" and "Do Ya Think I'm S*xy?", appeared on a Sky News call-in program to discuss the crisis currently facing the NHS.

Pressure on the NHS

The state-funded NHS, which has long been a source of pride for many Britons, is currently facing severe pressure due to years of underinvestment and the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to an unprecedented strike by nurses and other staff members.

Stewart, who recently checked into an empty private clinic for a radiology scan, was shocked to see the disparity between the resources available to him and those available to the general public. He stated, "This is ridiculous, I would like to pay for 10 or 20 scans - I don't know how we're going to work this out - and hopefully some other people will follow.

Because it seems ridiculous that this particular scanning clinic was empty and there are people dying because they can't get scans," reports Daily Mail. The singer went on to express his hope that other individuals with the means to do so would follow his lead and contribute to the NHS in a similar fashion.

He emphasized that he does not seek publicity for his actions, but rather hopes to "do some good things" and make a positive impact.

Calls for Change

Stewart also used his platform to call for change within the government, stating, "I personally have been a Tory for a long time but I think this Government should stand down now and give the Labour Party a go at it.

Because this is heartbreaking for the nurses, it really is heartbreaking. In all my years of living in this country, I've never seen it so bad. Go on the nurses, I'm on your side!" He added, "This is a bad time for us in Great Britain, it really is - change the bloody government!" In conclusion, Stewart's impassioned plea on live television serves as a reminder of the dire state of the NHS and the urgent need for government action to address the issues facing the healthcare system. As Stewart sang in his signature raspy voice, "Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to tell you."

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