Tony Christie on the fight with dementia and music therapy


Tony Christie on the fight with dementia and music therapy
Tony Christie on the fight with dementia and music therapy

Tony Christie, despite his age, tries to fight and defeat the disease. A dementia diagnosis is sometimes difficult to accept. In an interview with BBC Breakfast, he revealed how he deals with it. It looks like Christie doesn't want to panic.

“By just carrying on. It happened two years ago and I’ve been a lifelong fanatic, for over 50 years, doing crosswords and things. Suddenly I suddenly started finding it very hard and I just said to my wife ‘I used to go through two or three crosswords a day’ and said ‘what’s happening to me? What’s happening?’- he said, as quoted by Christie doesn't want to be scared.

He believes that medicines can be of great help. It is Tony's hope that in the near future, there will be a medicine that is able to cure dementia completely. “I just carried on and worked. The main reason I have come out about it is I’ve met a lot of people who have got it, and they’re worried about it and I’m not worried about it.

I’m just back to specialists and they gave me tablets and they gradually worked. My advice to people who are worried about it is go and see a specialist and get on tablets. I’ve got a feeling that in a few years there will be a tablet that will cure it”.

Music teraphy

He is preparing for a tour, and music is the best therapy for him. “I started my big, big tour this year, it’s going to be very busy, but I’m really looking forward to it,” he added.

“Music is actually part of a cure for dementia, so every time I go onstage and work it’s helping me”. Tony found a way to cope, considering that lately he has been forgetting some of the lyrics. “It did start about two years ago, when I thought I’m forgetting a few of my lyrics and don’t forget I’ve been singing for sixty years.

I’ve got a TV screen on stage as a remembrance. I don’t always look at it, but just in case I think ‘what are the words?’ it’s there, it’s like insurance. But most of the time I manage to get through my shows it’s great”.