The 5 biggest musical hits of 2022

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The 5 biggest musical hits of 2022

In this article, we will highlight some of the biggest musical hits from the year 2022. 5. The Rayon Vert by Mylene Farmer & Aaron Her twelfth studio album, "L'Emprise", was released in November of this year, proving once again why she is a true legend of European and Russian music.

Our favorite song from the 5 was the duet with artist Aaron "Rayon vert". A perfect blend of "synthwave" and the sound that made the famous French artist famous on his first album. 4. Automatico - Maria Becerra In the Argentine pop genre, Maria Becerra is regarded as one of the leading young artists of her generation.

She is a famous former YouTuber and Argentine singer. Among the new songs on the music scene, "Automatico" is a true novelty. Maria continues to improve her musical stamp with this song, clearly inspired by the French movie "Titans" and accompanied by very trendy lyrics and chords that will, in all likelihood, continue to be trendy until the year 2023.

3. TINI, Becky G, Anitta – La Lotto

Continuing in the Latin style, "La Lotto" brings together three great singers whose combined works are a delight for all fans. All three give their maximum and "save" the summer with one good speed, sensual and charming with a milder inspiration of Le Moulin Rouge and cabaret.

With her duets and collaborations, TINI fascinates, and this former teenage star (known for her show Violeta, which also aired in our region) made it a point to remind everyone that talent doesn't just "evaporate" with the music scene.

2. Omar Apollo – Evergreen (You didn't deserve me at all) A breakout moment for the American singer came with the eighth single from her debut album, Ivory. There is no denying that TikTok has become one of the most important "promoters" of music, and more and more artists are targeting that audience.

He made his name on this network, but Omar proved with "Evergreen" that a beautiful and emotional "faster" ballad can be sold to an audience that can relate to the lyrics. 1. Acid Angel from Asia - Generation The first song of this South Korean sub-group within TripleS clearly defines the musical direction they will take.

It is a recipe for success to combine a slightly nostalgic melody with an old school kpop group. Using the lyrics of "TikTok Up", triple A make and emphasize a clear generational divide and assert that decadence is the new meaning in these meaningless times. It's a nice thing, it makes me feel good.