Johnny Rotten to Represent Ireland at Eurovision Song Contest

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Johnny Rotten to Represent Ireland at Eurovision Song Contest

On Monday, RTE television announced that former S*x Pistols frontman John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, is among the candidates for Ireland to compete in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. The contest is set to take place in May 2023, with the winner being chosen by a jury made up of Irish and international experts, as well as the audience.

Irish heritage

Born in London, Lydon is of Irish descent, with his mother hailing from Cork and his father from Galway. He has been a part of the music industry for decades and continues to perform with his current group, Public Image Ltd.

The group will be one of the six artists fighting for the opportunity to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest. They have stated that they will play a heartfelt song that Lydon dedicated to his wife Nora, to whom he has been married for nearly 50 years and who has long battled Alzheimer's illness.

The decision for the Irish Eurovision candidate will be made in February, and the competition will feature a diverse range of acts including singer-songwriter ADGY, group Wild Youth, hip-hop duo K Muni & ND, songwriter Connolly, and indie pop singer Leila Jane.

The Eurovision Song Contest is being held in Liverpool, as Great Britain came in second to Ukraine in the previous competition. It is customary for the winner to host the next year's competition, but due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine was deemed ineligible to host.

This makes Liverpool the perfect host city. With a rich music culture and talented performers, it is sure to be an exciting event. Despite his English origin, Lydon has always been proud of his Irish heritage. He has talked in interviews about how he would love to participate in the Eurovision song contest and that would be an honor to represent Ireland.

He believes that the competition is a great way to showcase Irish talent and culture on a global stage. With his experience and charismatic stage presence, he is sure to make a strong impression at the contest.