Margo Price's 'Strays': An Experiment in Sound and Storytelling


Margo Price's 'Strays': An Experiment in Sound and Storytelling

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Margo Price, has been gaining recognition for her diverse and dynamic musical style over the past six years. Her debut album, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, was a nostalgic tribute to traditional honky-tonk and drinking songs, and helped solidify and increase the popularity of the Nashville sound among contemporary artists like Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers.

Since her debut, Price has continued to expand her sound and genre explorations, evident in her subsequent albums, All American Made, which incorporates R&B elements, and That’s How Rumors Get Started, which includes the epic arena-worthy hit "I’d Die For You" that evokes influences from David Bowie to Linda Ronstadt.

New album

Her fourth album, Strays, follows in this vein of experimentation and evolution. While recorded in different studios across Nashville and California, Strays is cohesive, featuring a West Coast influence thanks to the collaboration with Jonathan Wilson, who has worked with Father John Misty and Dawes.

The album showcases Price's versatility as a vocalist, with tracks like "Time Machine" featuring a Brill Building-inspired melody, and "Radio", featuring Sharon Van Etten, which showcases a more electronic and experimental side.

One of the album’s standout features is Price's storytelling abilities. Songs like "County Road" and "Lydia", tell vivid and detailed stories of characters struggling in America's current political climate of "endless prisons, opioids and gentrification," much like her debut song "Hands of Time", which gave insight into her own backstory.

The album's highlights include moments of intimate storytelling, such as in "Remember When" where Price reflects on a personal memory and Warren Zevon song, showcasing her ability to transport listeners to new worlds and hinting at what is yet to come from this ever-evolving artist.

Margo Price is a singer-songwriter from Nashville who has been establishing a reputation for herself in the country music market with her dynamic and varied style. She was born in Buffalo Prairie, Illinois, in 1984, and as a child, she started creating songs.

She founded Buffalo Clover in 2010 and started playing live around Nashville. Her solo first album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, was out in 2016 to positive reviews and a nomination for Emerging Act of the Year at the Americana Music Honors & Awards.

Since then, she has put out a number of more albums and won various awards, including a 2018 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.