Belle and Sebastian release surprise album 'Late Developers'

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Belle and Sebastian release surprise album 'Late Developers'

Belle and Sebastian, the beloved Scottish indie-pop band, is set to release a new album entitled "Late Developers" on January 13th, surprising fans with an unexpected winter release. This new album follows the band's 2020 live album and their 2019 studio album, "A Bit of Previous." According to band leader Stuart Murdoch, the band had a productive recording session during the lockdown period, leading to the decision to release a second album from those sessions.

"We had a lot of song titles on the wall, as you can imagine, to the point where our day-to-day manager Fiona was saying, ‘This looks like a mess.’ And I proclaimed to the group, ‘Come on, let’s do two LPs!’.

” said Murdoch.

New album

The new album features a mix of songs that span across the band's decades-long career, with some songs dating back to the early 2000s and even the 1990s. "Will I Tell You a Secret" was written around the sessions for the band's 2003 album "Dear Catastrophe Waitress," but was not included on the final release.

Murdoch revisited the song nearly 20 years later, with Chris Geddes’ delicate harpsichord part and Sarah Martin’s backing vocals accenting his tender lyrics about a couple falling apart. The lead single "I Don't Know What You See in Me," which was written and recorded with Scottish pop singer Wuh Oh, and the album opener "Juliet N*ked," which was written for the 2018 rom-com of the same name but was not featured on the soundtrack, are among the new tracks on the album.

One of the most noteworthy songs on the album is "When the Cynics Stare Back From the Wall," a sweet song written by Murdoch in the 1990s, before the formation of Belle and Sebastian, in tribute to a woman he calls his "best friend Ciara." The song touches on the theme of young romance in a cold world.

The band's wide diversity of musical influences can be heard on "Late Developers," which includes lively and passionate songs as well as compositions that reflect on midlife regrets and somber reflections. Fans of Belle and Sebastian should give it a try because it is a fitting addition to the group's already strong discography.