Coolio passes away without a will, leaving 7 children to inherit $300,000 estate

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Coolio passes away without a will, leaving 7 children to inherit $300,000 estate
Coolio passes away without a will, leaving 7 children to inherit $300,000 estate

Rapper Coolio's former manager, Jarez Posey, has started the legal process to assess the estate of the late artist, best known for his hit song "Gangsta's Paradise," according to court documents obtained by The Blast on Tuesday.

The documents state that Coolio's seven adult children, who wear their father's ashes in necklaces, are listed as his next of kin and likely beneficiaries of his estate. The petition estimates the value of Coolio's estate at over $300,000 and includes personal property, financial accounts, insurance policies, and royalties.

However, the exact value has yet to be determined. Coolio, whose real name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr, had a total of ten children.

The rapper was found dead at the age of 59

Paramedics suspected that Coolio had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Sources later told TMZ that friends believe his long-standing battle with asthma may have contributed to his death. The official cause of death has not been given as the results of an autopsy have been delayed pending further investigation.

Montell Jordan, who was on tour with Coolio days before the rapper's death, told Page Six that he never would have expected his longtime friend's death to be imminent. “I’ve been with him for weeks and for months now, and I did not know — and still don’t know — the circumstances behind his passing, but I did not see anything that would have given an indication that he was ill or that anything happened to him,” the “This Is How We Do It” singer, 54, said.

The news of Coolio's death has come as a shock to the music industry and his fans. The rapper's hit song "Gangsta's Paradise" became a cultural phenomenon when it was released in 1995, reaching number one on the Billboard 100 chart and earning Coolio a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance.

The song was also featured on the soundtrack for the film "Dangerous Minds," further increasing its popularity. Coolio's legacy in the rap and hip-hop world will not be forgotten, and his music will continue to be remembered and celebrated by fans around the world.

It is unclear at this time how his estate will be divided among his children, but it is likely that the legal process will take some time to resolve. The rapper's former manager, Jarez Posey, will play a crucial role in determining the distribution of Coolio's assets.