The Top Ten Best Albums of 2022


The Top Ten Best Albums of 2022
The Top Ten Best Albums of 2022

The year 2022 has seen a diverse array of talented musicians release new albums, and Page Six magazine has compiled a list of the ten best. The list includes well-known names like Beyoncé, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift, as well as up-and-coming artists like Zach Bryan and the band Wet Leg.

Drake, "Honestly, Nevermind"

According to Page Six magazine, this album by Drake takes the tenth spot on their list of the best albums of 2022. On "Honestly, Nevermind," Drake experiments with mesmerizing sounds and lush club beats, showing off his musical range.

Wet Leg, "Wet Leg"

The band Wet Leg's self-titled debut comes in at ninth place on the list. This infectious collection of edgy tunes with sassy lyrics could be underdogs at next year's Grammys, where they are nominated against established acts like Björk and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Taylor Swift, "Midnights"

Taylor Swift's tenth album, "Midnights," documents her autobiographical lyrics about 13 sleepless nights and takes eighth place on the list. The album is considered a cross between her albums "1989" and "Reputation" and showcases Swift's signature magical songwriting.

Lizzo, "Special"

Singer and rapper Lizzo has been making waves on the music scene since her breakthrough in 2019 with "Cuz I love you," and her latest album, "Special," comes in at seventh place.

Zach Bryan, "American Heartbreak"

Zach Bryan's debut album, "American Heartbreak," takes sixth place on the list.

This collection of songs about losing his mother and finding sobriety is considered a true work of art and has managed to capture and hold people's attention despite being released on a major label.

Rosalía, "Motomami"

Singer Rosalía's album "Motomami" takes fifth place on the list.

The experimental song "Motomami" is a fusion of different musical genres, including flamenco, hip-hop, reggaeton, and bachata, and the album also features collaborations with top musicians like The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams.

The 1975, "Being funny in a foreign language"

The 1975's album "Being funny in a foreign language" comes in at fourth place on the list. Singer Matt Healy's endearing charm has made him popular on social media, and the band's latest album is considered to be just as enigmatic and charming.

Bad Bunny, "Un Verano Sin Ti"

Bad Bunny's fourth album, "Un Verano Sin Ti," takes third place on the list. This album is considered the happiest in his career and features summer hits like "Tití Me Preguntó" and "Después de la Playa," which was the most downloaded album of 2022.

Harry Styles, "Harry's house"

It's no surprise that Harry Styles' "Harry's house" takes second place on the list, with hits like "As it was," "Late night talking," and "Satellite" being some of the most played songs of the summer.

Beyoncé, "Renaissance"

Finally, in the top spot is Beyoncé's "Renaissance," a critically acclaimed album that lets the music speak for itself and includes the popular song "Cuff it." However, the album's release was not without controversy, as it was released before its official date and Beyoncé faced accusations of unauthorized use of part of Kelis' song "Milkshake." Overall, 2022 has been a great year for music, with a wide range of talented artists releasing excellent albums that have captured the attention of listeners around the world.

From Drake's experimentation with new sounds to Wet Leg's edgy debut to Taylor Swift's autobiographical lyrics, there is something for everyone on this list of the best albums of 2022. Overall, this list showcases the diverse range of talent and styles in the music industry in 2022, and it is clear that there are many talented artists making great music that is resonating with listeners around the world.