Kanye West's ex bodyguard: "He absolutely needs rehab"

"I mean, he's obviously isolating or more, by saying what he is saying"

by Sead Dedovic
Kanye West's ex bodyguard: "He absolutely needs rehab"

Kanye West's ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis spoke to the US Sun about Kanye, who attracts more and more attention to himself with "bizarre" statements. His behavior causes concern, which was also confirmed by Stanulis. "He absolutely needs rehab," Steve said for The Sun.

"When you're yelling at people at the top of your lungs because they're wearing printed shirts, and you're saying that the prints distract you artistically, and you get rid of [those people]. Or, if somebody's trying to help you and touches you, and you flip out on them and fire them in two seconds when all they were trying to do was help you...

The answer is yes, there's some issues. I mean, he's obviously isolating or more, by saying what he is saying. Obviously, with all the anti-Semitic stuff now and all this stuff with all the sponsorships, you know, it's self-destructive.

He's in self-destructive mode."

Steven Stanulis and Kim

Steve Stanulis revealed some details before, more precisely two years ago, because of which Kanye and Kim threatened him with a lawsuit. However, that never happened.

There were many strange situations in the whole triangle that Stanulis talked about. "I said, 'Let me address the elephant in the room, you know, tell my side of the story from my point of view, and then nobody has to ask me about it again," he said.

"You know, the three sides to every story. What people want is the truth. There's nothing slanderous in it, which is why I was able to legally do it," Steve added, while mentioning he went through all legal precautions to ensure he won't be threatened again with another lawsuit.

I got famously fired for trying to hit on Kim, which was silly," Steve said. "I was fired for nonsense, but it was sensationalized because of my past with Chippendales."

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