Rihanna filming a documentary about her Super Bowl performance


Rihanna filming a documentary about her Super Bowl performance

Rihanna's February 2023 performance at the Super Bowl is likely to be the subject of a new documentary on Apple TV+. Sources say the streaming service has shelled out millions for the new project, which will show the singer's difficult journey back to music after giving birth to her long-awaited child.

“She will be recorded during rehearsals and meetings in the lead-up to the big night and give an insight into what her life is really like now that she is returning to pop as a mum,” an insider alleges. “Rihanna is a massive force to be reckoned with when it comes to music and so Apple has paid millions”.

“There is a massive appetite for everything to do with Rihanna, especially as this will be her major return to the stage for the first time in years,” the source added. “The Super Bowl is one of, if not the, biggest stages in the world, so her show was always going to be huge.

Add on top of that it’s a live comeback and the pressure is immense. She is keen for the world to remember why she is one of the greatest performers of all time”.

She also hinted at a "special project"

“Super Bowl is one thing, new music is another thing.

Do you hear that, fans?” she said as she pointed to the camera. “Because I knew the second that I announced this, I said: ‘Oh my God, they’re going to think that my album is coming. I need to get to work!’.

“I do have new music coming out, but we’ll see. Unrelated, unrelated, but a special project”. The documentary could be a "special project" that the artist and businesswoman hinted at in early November. She then confirmed that she does not plan to release an album anytime soon.

“If I’m going to leave my baby, I’m going to leave my baby for something special,” Rih said of her decision to perform. “It was now or never for me”.

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