Dua Lipa arrived in Albania after receiving citizenship to give a concert

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Dua Lipa arrived in Albania after receiving citizenship to give a concert
Dua Lipa arrived in Albania after receiving citizenship to give a concert

Singer Dua Lipa arrived in Albania after receiving citizenship and announced a concert. "110 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE ?? so happy to be in Tirana, Albania ~ as the newest citizen ? to perform for you all tonight ~ THE FINAL FUTURE NOSTALGIA SHOW ?????? menxi po pres me ju paaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!," she wrote in the description of the video in which she poses holding the flag of Albania.

We remind you that yesterday she met with President Bajram Begaj, who said that it was a special pleasure for him to present the decree on Albanian citizenship to this talented and world-famous singer.

"Dua Lipa is Albanian pride!

It was a special pleasure to hand over the decree of Albanian citizenship to the talented and famous singer all over the world! On the eve of the 110th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Albania, we honor not only those personalities who in the past contributed and helped in the creation of the new Albanian state, but also all those who with their contribution in every field of life give value the Albanian identity and make us proud at every moment!

An artist like Dua Lipa is a rare asset for the world of music and at the same time a tremendous pride for Albania, Kosovo and wherever Albanian is spoken. She is a symbol of talent, dedicated work and fully deserved artistic brilliance!," he wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that an artist such as Dua Lipa is an asset to the music world, and at the same time the pride of Albania, Kosovo and all areas where the Albanian language is spoken. He believes that she is a symbol of talent and dedicated work.
This world-famous singer of Albanian origin pointed out that she is particularly happy because she received citizenship.

Dua Lipa on her heritage

“My mum is half Bosnian, so her mum was in Sarajevo at the time, but they moved to London as the situation started getting really difficult in ex-Yugoslavia,” she previously told NPR of her roots.

“Something that people forget all the time is, people don’t really want to leave their country unless they really have to. It’s really out of necessity”.

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