Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, died 31 years ago


Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, died 31 years ago
Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, died 31 years ago

Today marks the 31st year since the death of legendary singer Freddie Mercury. He is most responsible for the worldwide popularity of the rock group Queen. Freddie was born in the state of Zanzibar, under the name Farrokh Bulsara.

Tanzania awarded him posthumously, an award for a person who went from Tanzania to the world and achieved a lot. Freddie attended an English school in India, where he also took piano lessons. At the same school, he was given the name Freddie, which his family also accepted.

He came to Great Britain at the age of 18 and attended the faculty of art and graphic design, which will be noticed in the career of the Queen group on the album covers, and sometimes on the band's wardrobe. Freddie also created the group's famous logo.

In England, he met Roger Taylor and Brian May, who together with Tim Staffell played in Smile. Not long after that, Staffell leaves the band and is replaced by Freddie. With the arrival of Freddie, the concept and appearance of the group changed significantly, and it was Mercury who gave the group a new name.

A little later, after several unsuccessful bass players, with the arrival of John Deacon in 1971, one of the most famous bands in the world - Queen - was finally founded. Freddie is known for his energetic stage performances and exceptional vocal talent.

His voice is one of the most recognizable in the music world. The Queen group was formed in the seventies of the last century and published absolute hits that are still heard today. Some of them are: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Don't Stop Me Now", "The Show Must Go On", "I Want To Break Free" and others.

He died of AIDS on this day in 1991, just over 24 hours after announcing to the public that he was ill. Terrence Higgins Trust – the UK’s leading HIV and se*ual health charity – also remembered the star.

‘Today we’re remembering Freddie Mercury, who died on this day back in 1991. After his death, @QueenWillRock re-released Bohemian Rhapsody and raised £1million to support our charity — ‘AIDS CONCERNS US ALL’ is on the back of the record. 31 years gone, but never ever forgotten,’ they tweeted.

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