Vegas fans stunned as Adele vanishes during a concert

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Vegas fans stunned as Adele vanishes during a concert
Vegas fans stunned as Adele vanishes during a concert

Audience members in Las Vegas were quite stunned when Adele abruptly disappeared from the stage during her performance. In the course of a performance in Las Vegas during Adele's long-awaited residency show, "Weekends with Adele," the singer appeared to vanish into thin air, nothing more than air and nothing less.

There was a clip shared on Twitter from Adele's performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas after she had to cancel her performance in the city due to flight cancellations. Captioned: "Where the hell did she go?", the video shows the singer raising her arms during sustained applause before a shower of pink confetti descends around her.

When the last confetti fell on the stage, Adele literally disappeared from sight.

Fans reacted on social media

“I went crazy for a second when this happened, I was like ‘where is she?!’. ,” admitted one fan in the comments below the video, while others wrote that they thought the same.

"When Adele disappeared into the burst of heart confetti I cried a bit. You really did that babes!!! @Adele Singing your ass off AND a magic show as the finale??? You’re taking it!!!" "The way Adele just got confetti showered and disappeared like magic at the end of LIAG." "him: i’m really into you, i just feel like the whole adele thing is a bit… much? me:" "The singer Adele suffer a mild concussion after 20 pounds of confetti falls on top of her at her Las Vegas Residency.

#WeekendsWithAdele" Quite a few fans in the audience were left scratching their heads when it was unclear how Adele was able to disappear so quickly from the stage. It was originally expected for the singer's Las Vegas series to begin in January of this year, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a major delay and the shows had to be postponed until later in the year.

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