New World Cup anthem from Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares

Nicki Minaj, Maluma and Myriam Fares will release a new Qatar World Cup anthem titled "Tukoh Taka".

by Faruk Imamovic
New World Cup anthem from Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares

Nicki Minaj, Maluma and Myriam Fares will release a new Qatar World Cup anthem titled "Tukoh Taka". This song is the first in the history of the WC in which English, Spanish and Arabic languages ??will be combined. Of course, the single will be released with the music video.

This is a collaboration between the publishing houses Universal Arabic Music, Universal Music and Republic Records. "This cross-continental collaboration features a high-energy synergy between Minaj, Maluma and Fares as they rap and sing about uniting fans worldwide and celebrating together." Billboard music magazine reported.

Many fans of Nicki Minaj are excited about the new song. However, some of them criticized her cooperation with the World Cup because of her discriminatory attitude towards LGBT people.

"I can't believe promotion is more important to you than protecting the LGBT community," wrote one Twitter user. "This is a big disappointment," added another. The rapper has not yet spoken out about the criticism. Number of other singers and celebrities spoke up and denied their involvement with the Qatar World Cup.


Shakira, who sang the hit song "Waka Waka" at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, has faced criticism from fans in recent days amid rumors that she will perform at the 2022 opening ceremony. Since then, there have been reports that the "Hips Don't Lie" singer has pulled out of the ceremony - despite the fact that she was never confirmed to appear.

However, the British Metro refers to a source close to the singer and claims that Shakira was never even in negotiations to perform at the opening ceremony.

Dua Lipa

They suggested that the unfounded rumors may have come from the organizers of the opening ceremony making a list of artists they would like to perform, which could have caused a similar confusion with Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa recently released a statement confirming that she will not be performing at the FIFA World Cup and that she has "never been involved in any negotiations to perform". "There is currently a lot of speculation that I will be performing at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar.

"I will not be performing and nor have I ever been involved in any negotiation to perform. I will be cheering England on from afar... One love, Dua." said Dua Lipa on Instagram.

Sir Rod Stewart recently revealed he turned down the opportunity.

"I was actually offered a lot of money, over $1m, to play there 15 months ago.

I turned it down. It's not right to go," he told the Sunday Times. "And the Iranians [football team] should be out [of the World Cup] too for supplying arms", he added, in reference to Iran's supply of explosive drones to Russia, which Iran has denied.

David Beckham, ambassador of Qatar World Cup, has received an ultimatum from comedian Joe Lycett. As a reward for Beckham ending the reported multimillion-pound deal with Qatar, Lycett has pledged to donate £10,000. Speaking to the BBC last year, a source close to the star said: "Of course David wanted to ensure that he was informed about the facts and any concerns that he might have for his gay friends, football supporters and fans.

Some of the laws and beliefs in the region differ to his own but the Qataris have always said that everyone will be safe and welcome at the World Cup in 2022 and he believes that commitment is sincere and has seen evidence of proactive engagement with the international LBGTQ community by the World Cup organisers."

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