Aaron Carter, a singer from Backstreet Boys, has passed away

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Aaron Carter, a singer from Backstreet Boys, has passed away
Aaron Carter, a singer from Backstreet Boys, has passed away

The famous American singer Aaron Carter died at the age of 34. His lifeless body was found in a home in Lancaster (California), TMZ reported. The police arrived after it was reported that he had died in the bathtub. Details are still unknown.

Representatives of his team confirmed his death.

"Right now it's a really bad time, we're trying to figure out what happened and what the cause of it was," they said. "We're just as upset as everyone and hope that fans can give thoughts and prayers to his family." It wasn't easy for him, as he checked into rehab several times and, in 2013, he filed for bankruptcy due to millions of dollars in debt, many of which had been accumulated due to his tax evasion.

There have also been several incidents in which he has been involved in a run-in with the law over drug possession and reckless driving. In an interview with the Daily Mail earlier this year, he said he wanted to be seen no longer as a "train wreck" of a person.

"I am not how some people try to paint me," he told the outlet. "If somebody wants to call me a train wreck, well I've been a train that's been wrecked multiple times and derailed by many different things." Prince's mother Melanie Martin issued a statement saying she was "still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality".

"Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated," she added. Carter has released five albums, releasing his first album in 1997, when he was only nine years old. He released his last album called "Love" four years ago. He is the brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

He performed with numerous personalities from the world of music, including Britney Spears. With his brothers and sisters, he participated in the reality series "House of Carters", which was broadcast on the channel E! He competed on "Dancing With the Stars" and appeared on the teen series "Sabrine, Teenage Witch" and "Lizzie McGuire."

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