Bono Vox has published a memoir that is sure to captivate his fans

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Bono Vox has published a memoir that is sure to captivate his fans
Bono Vox has published a memoir that is sure to captivate his fans (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

The frontman of the Irish rock band U2 and a great activist, Bono Vox, has published a memoir called "Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story." In the memoir, Bono talks about his childhood and growing up in Dublin, his rise to fame with U2 and his activism against AIDS and poverty.

The book also talks about his love and long-term relationship with Ali Hewson, with whom Bono celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary this year. “I also wrote the book to explain to my family what I was doing with their life because it was they who permissioned me to be away with U2 or lobbying Congress,” the singer told the Sunday Times Magazine.

“Ali gave me the chance and covered for me at home. So I’m not writing a rock’n’roll memoir, [or] an activist’s memoir, I’m not just writing a sojourner’s memoir, I’m trying to write a love letter to my wife”.

added the singer. Bono and Ali married in 1982. He considers her one of his closest friends, considering that they have known each other since their school days. The couple fell in love when they were just 12 years old while attending Mount Temple High School.

According to Bono, the couple has also survived hard times.

“She’s not just a mystery to me, by the way. She’s a mystery to her daughters, to her sons,” he said. “I mean, we’re all trying to get to know her.

She’s endlessly fascinating. She’s … full of mischief”. “It’s not like our love was absent any dark undercurrents or briny water, [but] we got each other through those bits where it was hard to see where we were,” he said.

“Ali calls it ‘the work of love’. I wish she wouldn’t use the word ‘work’ because I have a feeling there’s an adjective, ‘hard’, that’s inferred”. As part of the presentation of the book, from November 2 to 28, he will hold 14 concerts around the world.

The first one is scheduled in New York's Beacon Theater in Manhattan, and the last one in Madrid's Teatro Coliseum in Spain.