A new release by Taylor Swift, "Midnights," crashed Spotify'

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A new release by Taylor Swift, "Midnights," crashed Spotify'
A new release by Taylor Swift, "Midnights," crashed Spotify'

After a two-year studio break, Taylor Swift released an album called "Midnights". The interest of her fans was, of course, huge, so the streaming platform Spotify briefly stopped working on Thursday at midnight, when her album was released.

Many were disappointed that they could not immediately listen to the 13 new songs.

Spotify crash

Swift released her 10th studio album, Midnights, to a rapturous reaction from fans, who rushed to various streaming platforms to listen to the collection, which consists of 13 tracks.

It appears that Spotify briefly went down for many listeners as a result of the large amount of traffic that arose very suddenly. “Life can be dark, starry, cloudy, terrifying, electrifying, hot, cold, romantic or lonely.

Just like Midnights,” she wrote. “However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that magic 13. I’m calling them 3am tracks,” she went on. “Lately I’ve been loving the feeling of sharing more of our creative process with you, like we do with From The Vault tracks.

So it’s 3am and I’m giving them to you now”. Taylor revealed that she has shot several videos featuring a number of other celebrities, including Laura Dern, Pat McGrath and Dita Von Teese. This new collection includes seven additional tracks, bringing the total number of tracks on this album to 20 in all.

These songs are titled, “The Great War,” “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” “Paris,” “High Infidelity,” “Glitch,” “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” And “Dear Reader”.

Today, the singer released the music video for the song "Anti - Hero". The special edition of the album contains an additional seven tracks.

Fans reactions:


“SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP WHAT THE FUCK TAYLOR 3AM EDITION WHAT,” echoed another. “i said it once and i’ll never stop saying it taylor swift IS the music industry miss girl can do whatever she pleases and we will eat it up.

re-record her albums? you bet! 30 track album? sure! 10 minute song? check! drop an album and then drop 7 more songs at 3am? why not!?” a third person wrote.

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