Robson Green: Net Worth, Age, Height, Marriage, Divorce, Affairs, Movies

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Robson Green: Net Worth, Age, Height, Marriage, Divorce, Affairs, Movies

Success is one thing, but emotional attachment is also significant for us. Robson Green is a successful British actor and singer, yet in his personal life, he had to go through several ups and downs on his personal life. In his long-run career, Green has accumulated a considerable fortune.

However, this British actor seems to have hard luck with his personal life. He has already gone through two divorces, several affairs and now he is romantically involved with a Filipino lady, a married woman and a mother of two.

Robson Green We know him as Robson Green, but his real name is Robson Golightly Green. Born on December 18, 1964, Dilston Hospital in Hexham, Northumber land, he spent his childhood growing up in Dudley, a small mining village near Cramlington.

It is quite unusual that his father's name is also Robson Green, who was a miner. While her mother, Anne was a cleaner and shopkeeper. Growing up in a small village, he attended the local school named "Dudley Middle Comprehensive School." Like every child, he was fantasized by the planes flying in the sky, so at the age of 16, he decided to join the Royal Air Force and later joined Air Training Crops.

However, after two weeks of joining, he chose to go against a career in Royal Air Force.

Career Details Of Robson Green

Along with his interest in Air Force, Robson Green was also always drawn to music, and he even learned to play the guitar.

Later in 1982, with his ultimate passion, he formed a band as well, naming it Solid State. At one time he also tried his luck in luck in professional boxing. Then later decided to pursue an acting career. He began training under artistic director, Max Rober and continued his musical career as a member of successful local band, the Worke Tickets as well.

Robson Green is now involved in the entertainment industry for over three decades, and in this long span of his career, his appearance and associations are innumerable. However, let us take a sneak peek to some prominent ones.

Robson appeared as Fusilier Dave Tucker from 1991 to 1995 in Solider Solider, a British Television drama series. Then again making his appearance in television he was in Wire in the Blood, a British crime drama series as Dr.

Tony Hill from 2002-2008. He also had a sho under his name, Extreme Fishing With Robson Green that ran from 2008-2011 on Channel 5. The show was renewed as Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge in 2012 and went up to 2014. Then in the same year, he came back with Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, a factual entertainment show that shows Robson Green traveling around the world searching for great fishing destinations.

Robson Green was also in Tales from Northumberland, a documentary series. He was also seen as a hospital porter Jimmy Powell in BBC drama series Casualty. As of now, he is playing as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating on ITV's Grandchester.

Green was also one half of the singing duo Robson & Jerome, who gave numbers number one singles back in the 1990s.

Marriage and Divorces of Robson Green

Our society has a great belief in marriage, and we are raised to believe in them.

As a result, we try so hard on staying on one. But for some of us, marriage isn't the source of happiness and at that moment letting go is the best cure for both parties. Robson Green is such a person who had to go through the ordeal of several failed marriages.

Robson Green's first marriage was with an occupational therapist named Alison Olive on 22nd June 1991. Their affairs and marriage - the whole thing was a private affair until they got divorced after eight years of togetherness in 1999.

It is also said that the marriage ended because Green had an affair with Pamela McDonald. Not only this, but Robson Green also started dating Vanya Seager, then Page 3 model while still being married to Alison. The two were immediately seen even after Green's first divorce was finalized.

Robson with his second wife, Vanya and his son, Taylor Robson with his second wife, Vanya and his son, Taylor Talking their relationship to a different level, Robson Green and Vanya Seager shared a marriage vow in 2003 at a ceremony held at Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire. The couple stayed in a happy marriage for about a decade and in 2011, decided to take separate ways.

Despite the divorce, Robson said in one interview that they communicate via text, not talk for the sake of their son. He further added it was safer that way. Then moving on with another relationship, Robson Green went down on knees to purpose a flight attended by British Airways, Stephanie Jones in 2013, who he had a fling while he was in Northumberland.

The couple went on several dates, and Stephaine even accompanied Green on house parties. However, their romance couldn't last for long, and they broke up eventually.

Current Romance of Robson Green

Again in 20016, Robson Green found solace for his heart and her name was Zoila, a married woman, and mother of two, whom he met at a gym.

Zoila is a Filipino and a Sunday school teacher who is married to a vicar. After sparking a romance with Robson Green, Zoila told his reverend husband Geoffery Short that she was leaving to be with the actor. In his career, Robson Green has shown his multiple talents, from singing to acting, from boxing to broadcasting.

And he has also managed to earn himself a considerable amount of fortune. Robson Green also adds money in his net worth by endorsing Dunlop Sport-Match 3500 Fishing Reel. In one of his interview, he said that he had to sell his purchased car, a Mini Cooper because of financial crunch, but that was a long time ago.

Now he lives a lavish life, stays in a luxurious house and drives Lexus Rx450h and owns a Land Rover Defender as well. As of net 2022, Robson Green's net worth is $6 million.

Robson Green On Facebook And Twitter

Unlike other celebrities, Robson Green isn't on Instagram; instead, he is on Facebook and Twitter.

From his social media accounts, it is clear that Green loves his work. You can also follow us on Instagram & Facebook for recent updates about your favorite celebrity.