Molly Brazy: How Old Is She? Know Her Age, Real Name, Wiki-Bio

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Molly Brazy: How Old Is She? Know Her Age, Real Name, Wiki-Bio

The 22 years old Detroit rapper reveals that she doesn't want to go back into her old life. Like other female artists, Molly Brazy established her name by herself in the music industry. The young rapper rose to fame via social media platforms; Instagram and YouTube in which she posts her singles like Fight Me, G.A.N.G and many more.

Let's have a look at Molly's age, real name, songs, net worth and wiki-bio. Molly Brazy, The Rapper Molly Brazy was born with the birth name Molly Brazo on February 22, 1999, in Detroit, the United States and raised in the Joy Road section of Detroit.

She lost her father at a tender age. Molly's father was shot multiple times and that incident made her aggressive. Since her childhood, she was mobbin in the streets and fascinated by guns. After the death of her father, both Molly and her brother were raised by their single mother.

She hated going to school and would often skip classes. Therefore, the school kicked her out because of her low attendance and got engaging in fights.

Molly Brazy's Career as a Rapper

Molly Brazy's childhood is not good as other children and this led her to pursue her career in music.

In her spare time, she often practices freestyle rap pieces in her living room and recorded them. Later, she began posting her rapping video on her social pages. Her Instagram played a major role in collaborating with the YouTube hip-hop channel of 4sho Magazine.

In the summer of 2016, she started focusing on her music career. The same year, she released her debut single More Facts and became popular overnight.

As Molly Barzy is gaining more and more popularity, many people are wondering, does she have a boyfriend or not? Unlike other celebrities, the rapper hasn't shared anything relating to her dating life to the public.

The rapper shares a picture with a guy named Charles Varlakhanovoy but she hasn't mentioned it clearly that is her boyfriend. However, we are assured that the YouTube rapper is not single and must have spending quality time his her loved ones.


The Detroit rapper found herself in a controversial situation. Back in March 2017, Molly Brazy received massive criticism from the press after she pointed a gun at a toddler in a video. In the video, the little girl was playing with the pistol before she threw it at Molly and she reacted by picking the gun up and point it at a child.

The video went viral all over the social media and later it was investigated by Detroit police and cyber experts. Brazy's manager claimed that the gun in the video was actually a toy and she was just playing with the baby. Molly Brazy is pretty fond of ink art and has tattooed in different parts of her body.

She has a pair of doves tattooed on the right side of her neck, Corpse Bride tattooed on her left arm, arrow, cross, moon, rose on her thigh and many more. Molly´s tattoos Molly makes her fortune mostly form her music sales. According to her discography, she has more than 20 singles and an album that released in the earlier year.

Besides her music, Molly has her own clothing line where she sells Hoodies, t-shirts, hat, and many other accessories.

Social Media

The rapper is highly active on Instagram where she over a million followers. Brazy posts photos and videos of herself on her Instagram.

She also has a large number of fan followings on Twitter and Facebook.