Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife

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Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife

An amazing blend of a TV personality, moonshiner and a singer: Jim Tom is a legend of Robbinsville, North Carolina. Spending most of his age in moonshining, Jim has established himself as a few names who came into the spotlight alongside late legend moonshiner Popcorn Sutton.

While Jim is not so open about his personal life to the media and public, this article attempts you to provide you with best possible information about him. Scroll down to know about his age, net worth and his life events. Moonshiner-Jim-Tom-Hedrick Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick

Jim Tom Hedrick was born on December 25, 1940, which makes him currently 78 years old.

The moonshiner is so popular by his nickname that there are very fewer people who know his real name: Marvin Hedrick.

Is Jim Tom Hedrick still alive?

Absolutely, moonshiner Hedrick is living 82 years of his life. If you are wondering about his address, Jim lives in Graham Country, North Carolina outside of the Robbinsville.

Although health-related problems at this age is not a surprise, Jim Tom has not disclosed any kind of health issues related to him. As per the existing stories, Jim faced an accident on 31st October 1962. It was Halloween night and he was in a race on his Harley Davidson with his girlfriend's husband, Jerry.

Jerry was on 1961, 'Starliner 390.' We can imagine the scenario right? The moonshiner was in the speed 115miles/hr when he collided with Jerry's father who was speedily coming at 85miles/hr from the opposite direction. The accident seriously injured Jim and rushed into the hospital in Andrews.

His right leg and head were hurt in the accident resulting in the implantation of the steel rod his leg and several stitches in his head.

Career as a Moonshiner

Tim Jom Hedrick is into many things.

He worked as a plumber, electrician mechanic and a ham radio operator. But, Jim did not like his job of fixing vehicles. Jim made his first appearance in the show Moonshiners in the second season in November 2012 and thus gained fame as a moonshiner.

moonshiner-jim-tom Moonshiner jim Tom The TV series Moonshiners dramatizes the life of the people who produce an illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The show also demonstrated the production and the techniques against the law.

The show received some criticism by the local officials claiming that the show is not exactly what it portrays to be. However, Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) turned the claims to be false. Tom regularly appeared in the show Moonshiners until 2016.

He later left the show and started working with Josh in S[artanburg, South Carolina. After he left the show, we get to see Jim in the show only once. Only Jim knows if he has any plans to return to the show in future.

What other than a Moonshiner?

Other than having a pleasing career as a moonshiner, Jim Tom is also a singer and a storyteller.

There are a couple of music songs with his voice. The most notable among them is "Golly That's Good." He also still holds his ham radio license.

How much is Jim Tom Hedrick's Net Worth?

The multitalented personality has a net worth of about $200,000.

The source of his earning is being a moonshiner and through the endorsement from his association with Sugarland Distilling Company. He also made a good amount of earning while he was in the discovery show.

Jim Tom Hedrick: Family, Wife, and Children

Jim Tom is not expressive about his family.

Till date, we are not able to disclose about his wife's name. Neither anything is known about his children. However, Jim has shared that he grew up in the countryside and used to have affairs with girls. He used to have drunk nights and yet woke up without the hangover in the morning.

Jim does not prefer to share about his family and relationship with the public. Maybe he has his own reasons for that and we respect his privacy.

Social Media

Although having a popular background, Hedrick is completely out of social media reach.

If you look closely, Jim still uses a red flip phone. Unlike other celebrities who prefer to post their daily life events through social media, Jim Tom is among the one who does not give social media updating a priority. Why do you think Jim is so concerned about keeping his personal life behind the curtains for his whole life? For more updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.