Robbie Wolfe: American Picker, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, wife

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Robbie Wolfe: American Picker, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, wife

Love or Career? A difficult choice to make, isn't it? Robbie Wolfe: a musician and an entrepreneur is the one who sacrificed his passion for music for his love. If you are a regular follower of the show 'American Picker', you might have seen Robbie Wolfe quite a few times in the show.

Apart from his collections and television appearances, Robbie Wolfe is also known for his disclosed personal life. What is his life like behind the camera? Scroll down to know more. Robbie-Wolfe Robbie-Wolfe 60 years old Robbie Wolfe celebrates his birthday on 26th April.

He was born to American parents in Illions, U.S.A. Robbie was fond of his birthday since his childhood. He grew up with his two siblings: Mike Wolfe (brother) and Beth Wolfe (sister). His brother Mike is one of the leading antiques dealer and recycler in America and popular know for his show American Pickers.

Robbie Wolfe has also made his appearance on several episodes of the American Picker. The celeb has got an impressive height that perfectly matches his personality.

Music Career

Robbie Wolfe is a multi-talented person and nails every sector where he steps in.

He became popular after his appearance on the 'American Pickers' along with his brother Mike Wolfe. The show features the talent pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel across the United States to collect various items.

Robbie helped the pickers to renovate the old vehicles. Prior to being a part of the show, Robbie was a popular musician. He was famous among his fans for having all qualities to be a rock star along with having a very good taste in music.

Robbie was a part of several bands. In the late '80s and '90s, he was a part of the album 'They might be Giants'. Later he worked with Lloyd Cole and Matthew Sweet. Robbie also wrote two solo albums of his own: Escape and Basic.

Is Robbie Wolfe Married?

Robbie shares a conjugal bond with Robyn Wolfe. The marriage did not turn out to be a great step for his career. His wife offered Robbie with a condition either to choose herself or the music. Wolfe had no intentions to let go his married life and thus was courageous enough to choose his wife over his passion for music.

Through such hardships, Robbie is successful enough to live his family life gracefully. The couple now has 4 children: 2 sons and 2 daughters. Robbie often shares his family pictures in social media. He wished his daughter Sunny on her 15th birthday through Instagram.

Likewise, during Valentine's day, 2018, Robbie posted a picture of his wife and three daughters and captioned it as "Happy Valentines to my 4 beautiful ladies."

Robbie Wolfe Business

After Robbie made a decision to leave music, he has his own built enterprise named "RJ Wolfe and Son" in the nineties.

He is now totally focused on his enterprise. His business is now quite successful and provides the clients with the services such as pool installment, driveways pavement, hooking up the lightning, putting in decks and other services.

Robbie is doing a very good job with his business. The company has been good support for him and his family for a long time.

Net Worth

Robbie Wolfe lived successful music career. He was really popular among his followers for having enough qualities for being a rock star.

Wolfe has an accumulated net worth of nearly $300,000. He made enough money through his music as well as being a picker. But, at present, he has a normal and limited life. The present source to add on his net worth is only the business.

He not only hunt the unusual antiques but also loves original paints cars and trucks. His Instagram is loaded with 41.9 K followers. All in all, Robbie's decision to choose his life over his career is respect worthy, isn't it? Not every woman is lucky enough that she is more than someone's passion.

Maybe not all women make their husband make them choose between family and his passion. What do you think? For more updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram.