Jennifer Lopez's $60 Million Home: Details

The house is amazing, seriously. It's got 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and a whopping 15 fireplaces

by Sead Dedovic
Jennifer Lopez's $60 Million Home: Details
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Jennifer Lopez, who's super famous for singing, acting, designing stuff, and being really rich, just moved into a cool new pad in Beverly Hills with her famous husband, Ben Affleck, who's also an actor, director, and producer.

Throughout her whole career, Jennifer Lopez always went after big things and wanted to achieve a lot. And guess what? She totally did it! It seems like she got everything she aimed for. Jeniffer deserved it. They spent a whole year looking for the perfect spot and snagged this awesome place for around $60 million.

It's crazy private, but JLo still shared a peek with her 253 million Instagram followers.

Tour of the house

She gave a tour of the house, all decked out for Thanksgiving. You know, that holiday in the US with good food, family, and traditions.

In the video, she showed off this epic table in the backyard under a big covered area. There's a huge kitchen outside, a massive pool, and a perfect lawn.

Details of the house: 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms...

The table was all decked out with green leaves, lemons, and oranges.

Plus, fancy candles in fancy holders. And she rocked a simple dress, looking all elegant. The house is amazing, seriously. It's got 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and a whopping 15 fireplaces! Plus, extras like a movie theater, a bar, and a whole indoor sports area with a gym and even a boxing ring.

There's also a guest house and space for the staff and security. Every corner of the house has something special. It is clear that this couple thought carefully before deciding to make such a move. It is certain that they did not make a mistake Jennifer Lopez expressed her joy at finding her dream home, emphasizing how happy she is about it.

Both she and Ben Affleck are excited about exploring the interior and everything the house has to offer. Looking at the latest photos, it's evident that this couple is experiencing the peak of their love. Affleck and Lopez appear deeply in love and incredibly happy.

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