Bradley Cooper spotted in Gigi Hadid's brand sweater

Some comments suggest Bradley might be taking fashion tips from Gigi

by Sead Dedovic
Bradley Cooper spotted in Gigi Hadid's brand sweater
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People are bustling with speculation about the relationship between 48-year-old Bradley Cooper and model Gigi Hadid, who's 20 years younger. Fans are keeping a close eye on their every move. Bradley, who usually keeps it casual in jeans and basic tees, was spotted in New York rocking a striped sweater from Gigi's brand, Guest in Residence.

This sparked a lot of talk on social media, with many wondering if this is a public confirmation of his relationship with Gigi. Bradley Cooper is silent for now and does not give any information regarding his future or any potential relationship.

However, the paparazzi are following him closely and hope that the truth will come out soon. Some comments suggest Bradley might be taking fashion tips from Gigi. This isn't the first time he's sported clothing from her line; he was seen in a gray checkered shirt with green stripes from her collection earlier.

Cooper is known as a person who loves fashion and is not afraid to try everything. His fashion style amazes everyone, especially women. Cooper is a man who, from the beginning of his career, paid attention to his appearance and understood how important it is to look good at every moment.

He continued with this practice.

Cooper and Hadid

In early October, the duo was seen leaving a famous New York restaurant. According to a source close to them, Gigi enjoys spending time with Bradley and appreciates his maturity as a father.

Both of them put parenting first: Bradley has a 6-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, with ex-partner Irina Shayk, while Gigi has a 3-year-old daughter, Khai, with ex-partner Zayn Malik. Bradley sure knows how to grab the spotlight.

He's had some big roles in his career, making a lasting impression. He's always been a hit with the ladies, and many think Hadid is really lucky to be with him. We will find out in the near future whether this is true.

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