Adele is coming out with a beauty brand

She recently applied for the registration of a new company, The Shelbourne Collective Limited

by Sead Dedovic
Adele is coming out with a beauty brand
© Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images Entertainment

Inspired by the example of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez and numerous other pop stars with their own beauty lines, it seems that Adele may also start her own beauty brand. The project is still a secret, but some details indicate that something big is on the horizon, and whenever the British pop diva prepares something in secret, the result is impressive and financially very successful.

The Shelbourne Collective Limited

She recently applied for the registration of a new company, The Shelbourne Collective Limited, and protection of the name and brand in Great Britain. Her request was approved, and it is speculated that her firm will be engaged in "specialized design activities" - indicating that the activity is expanding beyond music.

It is believed that the Oscar and Golden Globe winner for the song "Skyfall" (from the James Bond film of the same name) could focus on cosmetics, but that is not all she could produce in the recently registered company.

The description of the activity includes entrepreneurship in fashion, fashion accessories and the design of decorative items for the home. The blonde diva's decision to try her hand at entrepreneurship is not surprising, as many stars of the entertainment industry have profitably turned their fame into business, writes Forbes.

Since she recently finished her residency in Las Vegas - "Weekends With Adele" - which she had to extend several times due to the rush of fans for tickets, she might have some time for other creativity. She will not return to Las Vegas until January 2024, and since the diva has so far decided to take longer breaks between albums (she released her last "30" in 2021), the accidental "coincidence" points to the conclusion that Adele is preparing something this time as well.

big. Adelle once again confirmed that she has an entrepreneurial spirit and that she is ready for great things. Her enthusiasm for exploring new avenues in the beauty industry speaks volumes about her passion for innovation and making a difference.