Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Gift from Brad Pitt Valued at $79 Million


Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Gift from Brad Pitt Valued at $79 Million
Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Gift from Brad Pitt Valued at $79 Million © Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) and Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer) remained good friends after the divorce, so much so that the ex-husband gave the actress a gift of 79 million dollars for her 50th birthday, the Mirror writes.

They ended their marriage in 2005 and since then there have been rumors that he still loves his ex-wife and that they will reconcile. Jennifer split from her husband Justin Theroux in March 2018, but it was still a shock when Brad showed up at her 50th birthday party.

Besides, when it comes to gifts, few could beat what Brad allegedly prepared for Jennifer. In fact, the house they once lived in in Beverly Hills was for sale, and when they broke up, sources close to the actress said that "losing her dream home made the pain of their divorce worse, and she never forgave herself for not buying her share of the property from Brad."

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The question is how much sincerity there really is in this act, and whether the two are in such a great relationship.

Nevertheless, Brad Pitt's moves must be praised, because he really is an example of how to treat ex-partners. Brad Pitt has always been known as a man with a sincere spirit, a big heart, and ready to help anyone. Hollywood marriages often fail, but what is most important is that respect remains between former partners, especially if they have children, but also without them.

The split of one of Hollywood's most beloved couples of all time, Brad and Jennifer, surprised the world in January 2005, after only five years of marriage, and the official divorce was filed in March of the same year. Just a few months later, in July, Brad and Angelina began to be seen together, and in January 2006, they announced that they were expecting their first child together, just three months after his marriage to Jennifer was finalized.

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