Soccer players: Real estate and how they spend money

According to some sources, Zlatan Ibrahimović calls the church in Stockholm his property

by Sead Dedovic
Soccer players: Real estate and how they spend money
© Denis Doyle / Getty Images Entertainment

The best footballers in the world have huge salaries. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo in Al Nassr earns about 100 million euros per season, and Neymar in Al Hilal about 200 million euros. Of course, there is also Lionel Messi, who earns around 50 million euros.

However, football players were earning a lot even before the current contracts. Now the question arises: When you have so much money, what do you spend it on?

Villas, cars and luxury goods

It turns out that footballers love houses, while Neymar owns a house near the Palace of Versailles, David de Gea bought a villa in Spain.

In addition, footballers love luxury cars. So Manuel Neuer bought an Audi RS6 Avant that costs over £101,000, while Mario Balotelli drives a Bentley that costs around £172,019. They also spend money on jewelry, branded clothes, and most of all on luxury watches that cost a fortune.

According to some sources, Zlatan Ibrahimovi? calls the church in Stockholm his property, and plans to convert it into apartments and thus invest. Furthermore, footballer Didier Drogba bought a gold mine worth £52,343,530 and thus invested his money.

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney loves horses and gifted his wife one worth £103,187. However, not all football players think of themselves, so some give away a large fortune to charity. One of them is Wilfried Zaha, who donates 10% of his monthly earnings to humanitarian causes.

He started donating from his first salary earned as a professional soccer player, usually to orphanages. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo also thinks of others. In fact, he is one of the most generous footballers, and this is supported by his large donation of 89 thousand pounds in 2013, which he donated to the Red Cross.

Likewise, in 2014, when his team won the Champions League, Ronaldo received a bonus of 450 thousand pounds, which he directly gave to charity. When Indonesia was hit by a devastating earthquake, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to personally go there and help the people because he saw an unfortunate boy on the news sitting in the middle of the rubble and wearing his shirt.

There is also a story about a boy who fought cancer in 2009. Ronaldo put his family in a hotel, and he paid for the child's treatment in a private medical center for a year. The boy unfortunately died in 2013.